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ADHD, Autism Homeopathy treatment, medicines, Doctor in Mumbai

Homeopathic treatment a must for children with ADHD, ADD, Autism, Mental retardation and Behavioral disorders.

ADHD or ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’, a behavioral disorder in children, is characterized by inability to focus or pay attention due to hyperactivity over a longer duration of time. This impairs the child academically as well as his/her social adaptability. Genetics and numerous environmental factors are considered as the most probable cause of the disorder.

ADHD has three subtypes: The first is where the child is predominantly hyperactive and impulsive; the second is where the child is predominantly inattentive with some hyperactivity; and the third is where the child shows a combination of both inattentiveness and hyperactivity.

Autistic kids find it difficult to communicate and express themselves using words. They tend to keep to themselves, reacting abnormally to their surroundings, express sensitivity to normal sounds and touch, and have trouble linking words to their meanings (therefore learn better by using picture) as well as their inability to understand or comprehend feelings expressed by others. A child with autism tends to repeat certain words, have temper tantrums and/or flap their hands.

For Live accounts and experiences of parents whose kids with Autism are treated at HomeoConsult RD by Dr. Anish Vaknalli, please click here 

For further details on ADHD, please click here

Real Case 1: 
Amazing recovery of a child with ADHD | Age 3 | Treatment duration 6 months

Master A was diagnosed with moderate ADHD with speech delay. He typically lacked concentration and learning ability, did not recite or repeat anything that was taught and was restless. In this video you can see a significant improvement in not only his sitting tolerance, he has significantly excelled in his academics.   

Homeopathic treatment of ADHD, Autism and Mental Development

Management of ADHD and behavioral problems involves administration of a series of homeopathic remedies depending on the behavioral pattern the child presents with.This approach, known as the ‘Constitutional Homeopathic approach’, involves a deeper understanding of the unique qualities and personality traits of the child such as:

The child’s feelings and emotions  |  His fears and insecurities
His behavior and personality traits  |  His likes, dislikes, habits and response
Sleep patterns and dreams  |  Each and every physical condition

In order to derive these details we have designed a unique method by which we successfully treat children irrespective of whether they see us in person or not or are overseas.

Homeopathic medicines prescribed after evaluating these details help in correcting or normalizing such personality aberrations without any side effects. They can be administered over a longer duration of time unlike most allopathic or conventional medicines used for such conditions.

Safety and Efficacy: Homeopathic remedies in general have no known side effects whatsoever.  They are recommended for all age groups and can be taken for long durations without the fear of any harmful side effects. You can be 100% sure of their safety and efficacy. 
Case management example:

A child (age 6 years) living in the United States was prescribed a set of homeopathic remedies (Aco. Nap, Ignatia, Stramonium) to be administered at different stages. ‘Aco. Nap’ was a drug strongly indicated when the child presented with sudden panic attacks and was unable to control his emotions; ‘Ignatia’ helped strongly when the child was depressed and unresponsive, and ‘Stramonium’ helped when the child was violent and had numerous fears resulting in lack of confidence.

Numerous homeopathic remedies like Argentum Nitricum, Gelsemium, Helliborus, Tarentula H, Coffea, Lecithinum, Hyoscyamus etc. have helped children with behavioral disorders. Kindly abstain from self-medication.

Most cases of ADHD, Autism and behavioral problems are managed using this method and our general observation is that prolonged Homeopathic treatment does help in primarily preventing or normalizing sudden emotional outbursts, hyperactivity, vulnerability and depression, considerably. This in turn improves the child’s attention and memory retention span (ADHD) and his/her ability to cope with everyday activities better.

If your child or someone you know suffers from behavioral disorders, Autism or ADHD, homeopathic treatment for a period of 6-12 months should definitely be considered. The medicines have no side effects or adverse reactions and can be taken indefinitely and as the condition demands.

Real Case 2: Testimonial from a parent

Parent Testimonial - Read now

Name: Master S. Krishnan 
Age: 3.5 years
Diagnosis: ADHD (Moderate)

Treatment Outcome: Child now goes to normal school and has close to normal learning and social abilities. 

Real Case 3: Testimonial from a parent

Name: Master Shiv.. | Diagnosis: ADHD with Autism traits | Evaluation Method: ATEC (Autism treatment evaluation checklist)

Dear Dr. Anish Vaknalli, this is regarding my nephew Shiv.... On 9th August 2011 we received the homeopathic medicine sent through you as per our order no.477. We started giving the medicine as suggested by you from 10th August 2011 onwards.

Shiv... has been attending ‘Play group’ at ‘Kid..’ since 4th July 2011. He enjoys going to school. He also has been getting ‘Behavioral Therapy’ from 26th June 2011. Since last few days we have observed that his vocabulary has increased. He repeats a new word as soon as he hears it or even repeats words, when asked to for eg. Zoo, Circus, Cake, Ice-Cream, Auto, Nal (tap), Joker, Kitchen, Lucknow, etc.  Now he enjoys watching his surroundings and points out to cow, horse, scooter, rickshaw and other objects which he sees on the road or in a magazine or even on T.V.  He recognizes alphabets and numbers. He picks up any magazine or newspaper and at random points out individual alphabets (A-Z) and also numbers ( 1-10). He takes interest in solving puzzles, recognizing pictures of fruits, animals, vegetables, recognizing colours and shapes. 

He is now more obedient during ‘work-time’ both at home and during the ‘Behavioral Therapy’. However, since last one week he looks into the eyes of the ‘Behavioral Therapist’ or rather has a proper eye contact with her, when she asks him to repeat words after her. Of course, to make him look into her eyes she holds his chin and makes him listen to a sentence or a phrase, so that he can repeat the same. Now he tries to combine two or three words. Now he does not throw tantrums when asked to repeat a phrase or a sentence.  When he is in a good mood he does recite full nursery rhymes - ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, ‘JohnyJohny Yes Papa’ and the song ‘ChandaHaiTu, MeraSurajHaiTu’. He continues to jump while watching ‘commercials’ as though ‘springs’ are attached to his feet. Now he can recognize his relatives and says their names MaaluDidi, Jijaji, ( Brother-in-law) Tauji (Uncle)  Taayiji
( Aunty) Buaji, ( Aunty) Phuphaji, (Uncle)   Chun-MunDidi. Now he has started enjoying his baths. He does not make fuss while taking medicines. 

I look forward to your guidance in this matter. Kindly let us know as to when we should get in touch with you, after this.

Yours sincerely, VB (Name changed)

Real Case 4: Testimonial from a parent

A case of Congenital CMV leading to Mental Retardation and ADHD traits:
My daughter was prematurely born. 3 months after birth she suffered symptoms of CMV infection but unfortunately was not diagnosed for nearly 6 months.  In this period doctors injected here with a lot of general antibiotics following which she was transferred to Jaslok hospital where her treatment for CMV began.

As a result of this condition we found her speech and her motor skills were delayed. We consulted a psychiatrist, neurologist and what not. We were very worried for her speech and motor function delay.

One day we watched an interview on Autism and ADHD and Homeopathy by luck. Though my daughter was not diagnosed with ADHD or Autism we knew that homeopathy was very good for conditions with symptoms like them. I went through Dr. Anish Vaknalli’s website and happened to consult him soon after. I am now taking medicines for 2 years for my daughter and during this period she has improved a lot. On starting treatment she started talking, became much calmer and started to focus and concentrate which was absent before. She was very scared of loud voices like crackers, lightening etc. and now she is very much better.

I am very grateful to Dr. Anish Vaknalli and our treatment is still on.
Best Regards, Parent of Miss...(Case no: 998, Name undisclosed on request of Parent)

You can order your medicines worldwide at the link below.

Behavioral Disorder Treatment - Order Page

Owing to the successes we’ve made in the past decade in the treatment of ADHD, ADD (Attention Deficit / Hyper active disorder) and behavioral problems in collaboration with therapist and special schools, we strongly recommend Homeopathic treatment for this condition. 

Your child’s condition can be significantly improved, if not completely reversed, making your child ready to cope with the worldly challenges.

For any further details or clarification do feel free to email us at  

Dr. Anish Vaknalli (MD, HomeoConsult RD)

USA, Canada Toll Free: 1-888-460-3575
OverSeas and India: 0091 - 9820190203



Anonymous said...

Sir, I was initially skeptical about homeopathy; however after starting it for my sons condition of ADHD I am pleased to say that it does work and has made a significant difference. For those who read this article I would urge parents to start homeopathy and use it for at least a year. You will be glad you did. Sam

Anonymous said...

Informative, frank, encouraging article. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Anish Vaknalli, As just now discussed with you, I would like to order medicines for next three months.
Also Medicines need to be shipped to the previous address in Switzerland. As for his condition, definitely he has improved . So i think this combination of medicines , therapy and scheduling is working for him.Certain improvements which we have noticed are:

1. He has started speaking in simple sentences, though not always gramatically correct. he can better express himself
2. He listens more and follows simple commands even when told him once. like put on your pajama, put on your tshirt, put this here , put your toys back etc.
3. Understands more when we give him a logic or reason
4. His creative or imaginative play has improved.

Mother of Sur

Anonymous said...

Date : 22.08.2012

Dear Doctor,

I am Sridhar, father of Master Krishnan (3 years Old boy). I am taking treatment for last nine months for the ADHD problem of my son. He is progressing well. Now the third course of drugs is nearing end. I am in need of fourth course of drugs. I am furnishing below my observations for your study and advice pl. I will call you over telephone by 08.30 pm to-day.

He is being sent to a special school for other theraphies. He started speaking small sentences now which was missing before starting the drugs. He calls the family members by proper words viz., appa, amma, anna (brother), etc. He started asking for milk, food, dress etc. for himself. He is understanding the instructions / speach delivered by us and acting according to that. He shows interest in doing written home-work given by the school teachers. His receiptive language has improved well which was at "0" level earlier. He is telling the number names from one to thirty, week days name, month names correctly which was taught in school. He is telling the rhymes taught in the schools. He replies to small questions asked by us. But, he is enable to think and answer to the questions requires two or three fold answers. He is replying in one or two sentences only. Moreover, he is over active and plays without knowing the risk involved. His remembrance is very high. He remembers the things where he kept. If I tell him to bring the things by name, he does correctly. He is regular in teeth washing, bathing. He has improve a lot in his toilet habits. But, during night hours, he wetting the bed.

Hence, I request you to kindly go-through my obervations and kindly advise the next course of drugs which should improve his thinking, and speach/study capacity and controls his overactive.

Requesting your advise in this regard pl.


Father of Master Krishnan.

Anonymous said...

My son is receiving treatment from you. We started the treatment from 18 of July 2012. The order no: is 643. He is autistic and his main problem was episodes of terrible anger.

We started treatment on 18/7 and till 31/7 he had episodes of anger every day. between 1/8 and 15/8 he had episode of anger on 4 days. Between 16/8 and 31/8 he had anger on 2 days and since 1/9 nil.

We feel that he has definite improvement in this area. He is very lazy and shows no initiative for studies or any daily activities. Our request is that he should be made to take some initiative in studies and some interest in daily life. We have stopped Trioptal , which we were giving him earlier, out of disgust , since it was of no use.

Kindly see this feed back and advise us.

Parent of Tushar

Anonymous said...

Respected Sir,
This is in connection with my son Vaibhav's condition after having undergone your treatment for ADHD/Autism for about 6 weeks.

As for the positives, 1. He has almost stopped banging the doors as he used to do whole the day long 2. He has almost stopped hitting and pinching others 3. He has become completely independent in climbing all 165 steps that we have to reach the main road, though coming down those steps scares him a bit, earlier he would never go up and down the steps on his own 4. The relevance in his speech has also improved a bit as earlier he would keep saying anything without knowing about it.

As for the negatives 1. He cannot concentrate completely, disturbs his classmates 2. Will ask for a balloon or a wrist watch even from his teachers 3. Does not want to study, though his learning is very very good.

Warm Regards:
N Sharma,
Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)

Anonymous said...

Sir, This is with regard to my son Vaibhav's condition.

As for the positives, now door banging he has completely stopped. Hitting also he has completely stopped but for the past 3-4 days he has again started pinching. His restlessness has almost gone but still he does not like to do some constructive work either sitting idle or playing with his watch he is obsessed with. His confidence level has surprisingly improved would walk up and down stairs confidently which would never do in the past. His learning power has further improved.

Please suggest what next to do as you last time directed me to mail my son's condition after a month and now its time. I trust my son will be completely cured one day as I have a complete faith in Him and your Magic Hands.Thanks. Sincerely, N Sharma, Shimla

Anonymous said...

Hi Anish,
As discussed, we are continuing with the current sequence 1,3,E2.
Krissyn has shown great improvement in terms of coming back to the original shape from the distressful 1 -2 months which we reported. His listening skills improved, in fact picked up our accidental mother tongue which we stopped though. Now we speak complete English only without any intermittent Malayalam. His teacher also suggested that he is less hyperactive, more focusing on what is taught. He tends to obey some orders and we also feel that he is listening and understanding our normal talk though he pretends not to hear. Slightly inclined towards taking interests in games, if we ask him and involve in family games like passing ball etc. He likes though it is difficult to concentrate. He still has some confusion on the linguistic concepts and also of attributes such as colors etc, not sure why colors are so difficult to remember & identify.
Pls advise.

Saj (Father)

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr.

Hope you recognize us. It is four weeks since we began giving my daughter Chelsey, the doses according to

instructions. In your letter addressed to us asked us to give feed-backs after giving the medicines for one month. So I thought I would mention how much Chelsey is responding to the medicines since one month.

Her attention overall has improved from 10% to 35-40% out of a 100%, since one month.
Her Eye contact when called has improved from 0% to 45-50% out of a 100%, since one month.
She is able to say 15+ words now which was only one word before starting treatment. But she only say these words when we
show the pictures and ask her to say what it is.
She is imitating actions and observing far better now.
She is more calmer and does not jump about inappropriately. She does pinch or bite for things nowadays also. All these
improvements are as noted by her therapist and family.

Areas where she has not shown improvements since beginning the treatment are like, her tantrum has remained the same, her
sand-play has remained the same, she continues to play with sand when outside the house each and every time, her appetite
remains the same, only drinks milk and snacks like biscuit and chips.

We definitely feel that my daughter is responding to the treatment slowly, so please advice whether we can continue the doses in the same manner for the next month.
Thanks & Regards, Netto

Anonymous said...

sir ,
I am akhil visweswar 18 years old
i am suffering with ADHD, I want know the best homeo doctor for treatment in trichur (thrissur)/kochi, Kerala, India

Unknown said...

Hello sir I hope you r from tamilnadu can you pls share your contact detail so that I can discuss about this homeo treatment for my son who is suffering from mild autism...if you can pls help me

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, Jai Hind.
This is with regard to the condition of my son Vaibhav. Suffering from ADHD/Autism, we had almost given up but this was not to be. After having undergone your treatment my son has shown tremendous improvement. The only problem remained in him is that still he does not want to sit and concentrate on his studies and still he is somewhat scared of going up and down the stairs. Rest is fine with him. His hyperactivity, door banging habit, etc. have almost gone and he has started paying heed to our suggestions also.

Presently he is taking 1 in the morning 2 in the afternoon 3 in the evening and E1 and E2 on alternative Sundays at bedtime. You have still not suggested to take E3 and E4. Kindly suggest remedies for his non-seriousness about his studies and fear of walking up and down the stairs.

With Warm Regards: NS Shimla.

Anonymous said...

A Parents response to the ongoing treatment (Changes noticed after treatment)

Hello Dr.Anish,

FYI: We are still on the same course (1,2,3 every day and E1 on Sundays) as prescribed initially rather then starting the new one as suggested by you in last email.

Recent updates about his behavior. In last 2 months, he has started showing some positive improvements:

1) He has started picking up of 2-3 words sentences . At home, he is more comfortable speaking the same but with other kids or somewhere outside he still remains silent.
2) He is showing some positive attributes in behavior as well like if we go out to the places for groceries, he stays with us (before he used to run all around).He now mostly try to listen to our instructions. He still adheres to his likes. Word "No" makes him hyper and impatient. His mood plays important role in his behavior which is very fluctuating.
3) Sit about 20-30 mins for reading and writing but keeps loosing focus in every 1-2 minutes .
4) Has stopped getting into comforter and lying on tummy.
5) His social interaction is also improving like now he wants to play with other kids but find it hard in understanding the emotions and the conversation between kids which probably makes him feel low and intern he gets cranky and starts throwing toys and hitting other kids with the toys.Any running game or cycling is fine.

Thanks Mrs. Nepa (name changed)

Anonymous said...


Dear Doctor,

I am R.Sridhar, who is taking your homeo treatment for ADHD problem since September, 2011. Now, the fourth course of drugs is nearing completion. I am furnishing below the developments and lacks I have observed from him for your assessment and recommending fifth course of drugs.

Developments :

Improved a lot in his speech and asks for what he requires viz., food, biscuits,dress etc.
Improved a lot in remembrance.
Writes numbers from 1 to 50 on his own. Tells number names from 1 to 50 on his own. Writes a to z both in small letters and big letters on his own. Tells rhymes taught in his school. Tells colour names correctly.

Observations from the school authorities :

Improved a lot and it was recommended to put him in main stream school from June, 2013 onwards for LKG. Recommended for daily evening two hours therapy for the next two years.

Lacks observed by me :

He is unable to think and answer if I have asked what has happened in school to-day.
Unable to understand the risk even if I briefed.

Hence, I request you to design the next course of drugs accordingly, I will be depositing the cost of drug after receipt of your mail.

Kindly reply by return main.


Anonymous said...

[Posted by HRD below with name change]

Hi Dr.Anish,

Good Day!

Myself, Aji , am the father of twin boys Adithya and Armaan (4 yrs,8 mths), who were seen by yourself at your Mumbai clinic in early December 2012.We had carried medicines prescribed for each of them for 4 months as per your instructions.
We began administration of the meds from 1st January 2013 after our return to the UAE. We are pleased to inform you that there has been considerable change in both their conditions ever since our return.

Kindly note as follows:

1.Adithya : He has become more verbal than a couple of months before and is trying very hard to mouth more words. He has also started to respond positively to the therapies at an accelerated speed as per his language and occupational therapists. He does try hard to imitate the sounds of the words being taught and the success rate has increased from last year to a much better level. He can independently ask for his milk and can also respond when asked his name. He can point out to body parts as well when asked for.

2. Armaan : He readily repeats all that is taught but finds it difficult to respond to a question asked. He has always been more verbal than his twin but he too seems to be doing well as per his therapists. He does respond when asked his name but he is more inclined towards repeating and imitating without actually reasoning. His therapists are working on the same and they are designing methods to make use of his ability to grasp and mouth words and sentences faster.

We have now taken admissions for both of them in a regular school which will commence in April. We thank you for your guidance and will look forward to your continued support and help in the case of our boys.
Shall provide you a regular update periodically informing you their progress and please advice what should be the next step as we have medicines until next month only.

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

Case of ADHD (Dt: Jan 2013 - 2 months of treatment), Follow-up of Priyanshu P (Case Ref No: H-1007)

Writes abc and 123 if provided in dotted form and long sittings, more than earlier.
Runs here and there (This has reduced and now he use to prefer things while sitting at a place)
He avoid taking swings (Use to take swings, preferably sliding and that too from opposite side, avoid using stairs. Now he does not avoid other kids on swings)
He runs here and there, throw things to get attention of his father specially because after throwing things he looks into eyes of his father for response (This problem is sorted out and affection with mother increased a lot).
Extremely aggressive when we stop him for doing any bad activity and cry irrespective of anything we say to him to stop crying (Now he somewhat understands the good and bad. Continuous crying reduced drastically).
He gets more aggressive and even for longer time when we responds to his crying, but normally cools off in shorter span if ignored by us. He hits himself by various toys or objects and even sometimes hits his head on the wall also. Shows more aggression with father(This problem is sorted out and affection with mother increased a lot).
Obsessed with front and rear lights(Obsession reduced drastically))
All his patterns are breaking now, Now he tries to understand.
His sleeping pattern is good now and now he sleeps at between 9 to 10 in night and wake up around 8 in the morning.
Hits his father specially when aggressive (He has left this now).
Hits himself cautiously to avoid any severe injury (Reduced drastically after reduction in intake of sugar/chocolates/toffies).
Now no constipation and normal fever sometimes.
He does not want to get taught by us and whenever we want him to learn something, he does not react to it (Now he tries to understand).
After using the your medicine in last 2 months, he has learnt many fruits and other object names from Ipad. Even he has started following many commands after use of your medicines.
He has also added many words in his speech and the words seems more logical than earlier. Eye contact is better then earlier now

Email from Father (Mr. Pahwa)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr.Anish,

Good Day!

Myself, Aji Thomas, am the father of twin boys Adithya Thomas and Armaan Thomas (4 yrs,8 mths), who were seen by yourself at your Mumbai clinic in early December 2012.
We had carried medicines prescribed for each of them for 4 months as per your instructions.
We began administration of the meds from 1st January 2013 after our return to the UAE. We are pleased to inform you that there has been considerable change in both their conditions ever since our return. Kindly note as follows:

1. Adithya : He has become more verbal than a couple of months before and is trying very hard to mouth more words. He has also started to respond positively to the therapies at an accelerated speed as per his language and occupational therapists. He does try hard to imitate the sounds of the words being taught and the success rate has increased from last year to a much better level. He can independently ask for his milk and can also respond when asked his name. He can point out to body parts as well when asked for.

2. Armaan : He readily repeats all that is taught but finds it difficult to respond to a question asked. He has always been more verbal than his twin but he too seems to be doing well as per his therapists. He does respond when asked his name but he is more inclined towards repeating and imitating without actually reasoning. His therapists are working on the same and they are designing methods to make use of his ability to grasp and mouth words and sentences faster.

We have now taken admissions for both of them in a regular school which will commence in April. We thank you for your guidance and will look forward to your continued support and help in the case of our boys.
Shall provide you a regular update periodically informing you their progress and please advice what should be the next step as we have medicines until next month only.

Best Regards,

Aji Thomas

Anonymous said...

sir, i stay in kolkata my son two years old still he not response properly .how can i contact you in kolkata or other place plese informe me on my mail or my ph no.09804285277. plese reply soon.thankyou.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr. Anish

I want to inform you about my son Nishant age 6, who is taking medicines from you from 5th February 2013. He is still hyperactive and can not sit in one place.But his eye contact has been improved a lot and he is doing his studies with his mother for 2hrs daily. He has learned Addition, he can write spellings of numbers 1-100 easily, he can write names of vegetables,fruits,birds and animals.He identifies colours now a days, he write his name,fathers name and mothers name.

He speaks few words also like his name, fathers name and mothers name. He also says numbers from 1-20 and albhabets from A-Z.

So when to start your medicine no. E2 and E4.
Yours faithfully
M, Brahma

Anonymous said...

Case Reference M2022
ADHD with Mild Autism)

It’s been only 1 month since we have started the treatment and amazed at the changes we have seen in him. And I'm very happy to write my first feedback and anxious too. First, I thank Dr.Anish a lot for doing wonderful things for my son and supporting us for my son's improvement. He is diagnosed with adhd with mild autism and also his speech is delayed at 2.3yrs old. He is a preterm baby.

After giving medicines for a month its gives us hope that our son will be as normal as other kids. Dr.Anish is treating many kids like this and lighting their life. I thank him a lot and looking forward for complete reversal. God bless!!!

Improvements in one month:

His attention, concentration, distraction, patience overall has improved from 10% to 35-40% out of a 100%, since one month.
His Eye contact when called has improved from 0% to 40-50% out of a 100%,
Now he can point out about 150+ pictures correctly. He is imitating actions and observing far better now.
His sitting tolerance is improved a lot - up to 2 hrs.
Aggressiveness, violent behavior, teeth grinding, licking, screaming, stubbornness, fear, hyperactivity, lights affinity is reduced.
Door banging is almost gone, but still head banging is there. Runs here and there (This has reduced and now he use to prefer things while sitting at a place)

He use to avoid taking swings. Now he does not avoid other kids on swings
Started to mingle with children, does not push them or hit them. Overall interest is improved.
Laughs unreasonably is reduced. He is more obedient, because he understands more than before.

Need to concentrate:

He is having more sensory issues like, his speech is not progressed, saying only 1 or 2 words
He spins himself, spins all the objects continuously.
He jumps inappropriately often, watching tv very near and light affinity is more.

Thanks and regards, Ria Jain(mother of Akshay)

Anonymous said...

5th june

Im sorry bt smhw my prev mail to u was half erased coz of wich u cudnt understand d issue. i already had a word wit dr.anish regarding parth. His 70% hyperactivity is reduced nw...and v r happy wit dis...coz of rest 30% he doesn't sits properly in d class.iv already deposited d amt 4000/-
to ur icici bankac as my medicines r over.earlier hyperactivity ws d major issue bt nw parth's communication is on priority....waiting fr d medicies...tnx

Anonymous said...

Case Ref: D1102 (Patient follow-up email)

Dear Doctor,

Thank you for the medicines sent. We are in receipt of the same and are administrating the same to them as per initial prescription. Firstly apologies for not being able to write to you previously due to certain health problems we were facing as whole. Moreover there was the challenge of the children being admitted to school since April and we were awaiting feedback from the school on how they were progressing.

We are happy to inform you that although it was very difficult in the initial couple of weeks, they have settled well in school as has been reported by their teacher and supervisor. They have just completed 5 years on 28th June. The following individual feedbacks for each of them:

Adi (Name changed) : Has done exceedingly well during the past months. Very actively participates in learning sessions and performs all his tasks including writing readily. He does need assistance in writing but understands and communicates more accurately and appropriately. Can speak with more clarity than before and is able to understand and respond to commands. Speech is still in monosyllables but has improved with gestural and momentary verbal prompts. In class as per the teacher is quieter but observant. Is very much in control and can be handled with reasoning both at home and in class.

Aman (Name changed): Has shown improvement in behavioral patterns. Can grasp, memorize and reproduce just about anything. Co-ordination still seems to be missing as he seems to be only repeating things being told. Writing, identifying and naming are all improving with practice. The class teacher said that he actively participates in the tasks performed in class to the extent of reciting rhymes with the rest of the class as well.

Requesting your guidance in administering the above new sets.

Best Regards, AThomas

hema said...

sir, i stay in Chennai my son Four years old still he not response properly and not walking and talking. .how can i contact you in chennai iam very poor family please place inform me on my mail iam not talking fuluently in english. plese reply soon.thankyou.

Anonymous said...

[Response from a current patient]

Hello Dr. Anish

Hope all is well. I’m sorry I couldn’t drop in few lines after our discussion on my daughter’s progress the other day.

R... is doing better academically and her grades have improved in the last month. I am very happy with the progress so far and would like to thank you for your support and guidance.

We started the medicine from first week of July and it may last only few more days. Please let me know next steps and if you will send another set soon.

Many thanks once again and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes, R...

Anonymous said...

[A mothers response]

Just made the payment for the third 3 month treatment plan. Nik... has made some improvement. He is able to focus, to some extent, when one is trying to make conversation with him. He tries to make conversation,
but often is unable to recollect the correct words or the sequence of words in the sentence. But with repetition and practice, he is able to manage very basic conversation. He has started asking simple questions voluntarily, like, 'where are you going', what happened, etc. He is also able to verbalise what he wants in 5-6 word sentences. Problem areas to be addressed now are speech delay, add, impulsivity and memory.
Thanking you, Mrs. Pu...

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr. Anish

Hope all is well. I’m sorry I couldn't drop in few lines after our discussion on my daughter’s progress the other day. Riya is doing better academically and her grades have improved in the last month. I am very happy with the progress so far and would like to thank you for your support and guidance.

We started the medicine from first week of July and it may last only few more days. Please let me know next steps and if you will send another set soon.

Many thanks once again and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Dear Doctor Anish,

You may recollect that I had met you in your Malad clinic a month back. My grandson Ethan has been taking the medicines (No. 1, 2 and 3) given by you for the past one month. We are glad to inform you that we have noticed a slight improvement in him.

He is trying to say certain words,
He is listening better to our instructions and
He is now less hyper.

His food likes has also slightly changed, he is now accepting new tastes.
In all the above, there is a very small positive of change, but it's definitely a good sign.

But on the downside, his arm flapping, shouting and eye blinking has increased.

With ref to our previously submitted questionnaire:

* When he wants something from others, he tries to explain what he wants, though not verbally.
* Mostly he wants to do things himself.
* He greets parents (in his own way).
* He has started sharing things more.
* If he wants to, he waves and says ‘bye bye’ clearly.
* Does not have temper tantrums unless he is prevented from doing what he wants to do on his own.
* We have realized that he likes to be praised.
* He understands things on TV.
* He does not hit or injure himself.
* He is not destructive.
* Also he cries less than before.

Other changes since starting the homeo medicines:
* He has now recovered well from cold / cough that he'd had between Nov 2013 & Jan 2014
* Also, he is now more curious about things around him. He likes to experiment and find out more himself.

Kindly advise us regarding his further treatment. I will be calling you soon.

Thanks & regards,MK

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Anish,

How are you, Aaron will be completing another 3 months medication this week so would like to update you on his progress in school and at home, so that you can arrange new medicine lot based on my below input.

After finishing one month medicine from the second lot Aaron showed lot of changes for this last 2 months.

1.) He is independent in coping his lesson in school, started getting his Q&A written and also starting doing weekly class test.

2.) Moving out of the class has reduce a lot.

3.) Showed aggressive behavior couple of times when the class teacher told other student to take his bag because he is going out, he throw the bag/books down. Sometimes he cannot take "No" when told shows anger but gets ok after sometime.

4.) Improved a lot on feedback. Everyday I tell him that he has to be good boy in school. He acknowledges my request and even says sorry without asking if he has done something wrong.

5.) We have also started "Reward System" for writing and doing lesson in school, as he looks forward for it and comes and tell see I wrote today which was not the case before.

6.) He is able to narrate lot of thing which are happening in school, like they had lemon day, what teacher said etc.

7.) First time we saw him so excited to take kite in school and fly with the other boys and he did it well. Also getting along with Class IV boys to play football during break time and wants to take Jersey to school to be like them and play with them.

Over all Progress is great and we are very happy to see him so much connect to his friends in school and to us emotional and socially.

Thanks and Best Regards, Anthony

Anonymous said...

Dear Doctor,
This is an update on Amaan as it is almost 2 mths since we started with the new set of meds for him. we are happy to inform that there are markable changes in his behavioural patterns now. he is more settled and not as difficult as he was before.he has picked up on his orals now as well although is still quite reserved in responses even if he knows the answers. but the erratic and irritable behaviour has settled. thank you, regard, Thomas

Anonymous said...

Hello Doctor,

We have placed the order for medicine for next 3 months for Aditya class I 6 years

We have seen few progressing in Aditya in last 3 months
1) cursive writing emerged attached a pdf on his current writing
2) Coloring is much better attached a pdf of coloring he done in school
3) In early intervention center he is moved into senior group in group session wherein his goal would be to play with 7-8 years kids rule based game and see for spontaneous interaction
4)In school 1st meeting we got a feedback he sits for whole 6 hours in class and not disturbing any of his class mates.

Sincerely, Ravi

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr.
My son age 6 years has improved a lot after taking medicines from you. His speech is increased by 35% and his hyperactivity is reduced by 35%. His understanding power has also been increased.
He has studied class 1 CBSE course syllabus with his mother in home. And he can do all the mathematics and can read rhymes and sing also. He can write 1 to 100 both in number as well as in words and can tell A for apple up to Z.
But he gets angry very soon now a days whenever we asked him not to do something wrong. He screams loudly some meaningless words. And when he gets angry he try to beat us with his hands.
Therefore kindly send us your medicines for the fourth time. Thanking you Yours M. B.

Unknown said...

My Kid is hyper active, she will not pay attention to certain things like, she would like to run on open spaces and crowded she will not pay attention,even we try to control it. she is 2.5 years old but still she unable to communicate clearly in some things.But she is good at sports reading but only worried about she will not pay attention when we are telling her something not to do

Anonymous said...

Dr. Anish,

We have started treatment of our son - case no. 2901 ( Hyper activity)from 27 th April 2015 since 20 days before... We are not giving him sizodon mg 0.5 mg... 1/2 tablet .....

We feel positive improvement in his behaviour.

But We noticed that he is already underweight.... 13.5 kg. at age of 5.5 years , 105cm height....We are worried for it.

Please guide us....Thanking you,P Shah

Anonymous said...

Sir i want to thank you for the medicines you have sent. i am giving the medicines as per your prescribed routine. Sir I have noticed some positive changes like improve in communication. ADWITA has been promoted to class I which requires better concentration and retention power. she does not keeps eye contact when something is taught to her. Her concentration is increasing slowly and gradually.She needs to understand the sound of letters i.e phonics. Her pronunciation is still not clear and fails to express herself a lot of thoughts.Cannot recollect places where she keeps the things.

Anonymous said...

Sir, Very good afternoon,

My Self Nitin Manchanda contact with you in 2015 Aug, Regarding the treatment of ADHD for my child abhinav manchanda. Sir i want to inform you we feel and we notice our child is little bit recovered 40 to 50 % from this disease. Now he started talking with his parents like Mumma pani de do, Roti de do, Mumma school jana hai and starting little bit interaction in society and sitting in school in UKG class full time 8 am to 12.30 pm. Our child report give by her teacher she said, Now abhinav is quiet and sit properly with his class mates and try to learn maximum things in school and now his sitting manners, eating manners are much improved after 2 months of summer vacation of 2016.

He started playing in park and street with other children. He dance very well on every song, He is going tution in evening for his studies after that he goes in dance class, Means he is coming in routine in day by day. But we are in tension because whole day he can't stop for a while, Every time he needs some thing to play , to watch , to do some kind of things which are kids generally do. We said abhinav stop ruk jao. He stopped when we say hum aapko Bathroom mein band kar denge, Then he afraid and he replied ok mumma sorry and come and sit on the bed or sofa with us. He likes video songs to watch on T.V , cartoons , Watching videos on you tube on mobile, Playing games on mobile. He identify english and hindi words in school books.

Also started written work in his school copies, but he write on dotted. He also do prayer in morning with me ( Papa ). He started identify the routs where we go and now he remembered so many thing in his minds that where we are going to meet with anyone or he said hum doctor ke pass ja rahe hain, main school ja raha hoon. Sir we are really sorry to say that still we are unable to reach in mumbai because we don't have confidence and we are totally disturbed and afraid in our life. We are trying to come out from this problem in our life. Still we are crying so much in front of god every day to please save our child from this disease, But still we confused that which path we choose that our child recovered as soon as possible from this disease. This is our pray to you Dr. Kindly help us in this matter, We belongs from middle class family , we have source of income but fixed income. But we say to god take everything from us but pls save us our child. We don't have greed in our life. Sir pls help us, God will help you. God bless You.

N Manchanda
Faridabad ( Haryana )

Anonymous said...

Respected Dr.Anish,

I am sending you the attachment of the upadated progress of Rahul Singh.Our family is really obliged to you and see a ray of hope from the progress we saw in our son Rahul within a year of your treatment.We see things going to the positive side now and are hopeful of his recovery soon from his drawbacks.

So much is my faith in your medicines now, that I have opted for my severe hair fall treatment also from you.

Ms.Teena Singh
(Rahul Singh's mother)



1.As observed Rahul’s hyperactivity has reduced by 50 % as his sitting tolerance by quite an extend (about 5 minutes ) in one place.
2.He has started obeying almost all instructions now.
3.His understanding power has increased comparatively.
4.Feelings like jealousy and possessiveness have now come to him which we never noticed before.He does not like any other child to be picked up or loved by his mother.
5.Drooling also controlled a bit, but still drools.
6.He has started pointing out to his body parts when asked.Yet the problem is with the eyes to hand co ordination while trying to do any activity.Still lacking in concentration.
7.Daily Vomiting controlled but still some days he vomits after food or when he sits in the toilet.
8.He has started speaking few words like mem mem,mum ma,ma,na,ningan,gun at a repetitive stretch.
9.He keeps asking for food after every half an hour and tends to over eat.
10.Bedwetting still persists.Keeps going for urinating in day time after every two minutes.
11.He spins a lot.
12.He has become a little aggressive and pulls his nose while throwing tantrums.
13.He keeps touching everything and cannot keeps his hands idle even for a second.
14.Since 15 days we have stopped the allopathy medicine Tregretal CR 200 mg,prescribed for convulsions,but have notice that he got a very mild relapse of convulsion the other day.

Anonymous said...

Case ref No B-1316

Hello Dr. Anish Vaknalli,

The following is a detailed update on my son's case after 1.5 months of starting the new course of medicines (course started on Feb-15).

Medicine being taken currently

Bottles #1, #2, #3 --> daily
Bottle E1 --> only on Sunday nights

E-Mix tablets --> 6-0-6 daily


1. Restlessness / hyperactivity - considerably reduced, moving around unnecessarily also reduced.

2. Aggression, rebellion - considerably reduced, he has calmed down quite a bit.

3. Unnecessary clapping / jumping - at home considerably reduced, however not completely gone. Still claps loudly with a twitched palm when excited or frustrated.

4. Communication - gradually trying to ask some questions in familiar situations.

Continuing concerns

1. Self-talk - may have marginally reduced, but still continuing in general. However, looking more and more pre-occupied than before, not listening to being called.

2. Sustained attention on tasks, conversations, stories - not happening, still bursty.

3. Ideation / spontaneity / analytical skills - not coming

4. Conversations - not happening.

5. Peer play and meaningful social interaction - not happening.

6. Lots of gaps in visual perception / processing.

Please advise.

Thanks and regards,
Mrs. Venkataraman

Anonymous said...


Hello Dr Anish

As it is already nearly 3 months going to finish I am writing you some progress we are seeing in Jaiveer and sending some videos for your reference on your WhatsApp(982019020303)
Eye contact is getting better
Hyperactivity is getting controlled, still doesn't sit in one activity for long time.
Easily sits and take part in group activity and listen to his teacher in his day care center
Understand most of the command given to him verbally in day care and at home
Saying a lots of single and two word and becoming more vocal
Started saying lots of three words sentences
Showing his things to us by calling us or by coming to us
Pointing things and tell their name
Easily repeat the new word when prompted
Started saying hello bye bye thanks you by himself .Started saying small phrase like I WANT ------- ,GIVE ME MORE ,OPEN IT,MY TURN,HELP ME, HURT, SIT DOWN.
Watch poems on TV and some time try to do action on them
Able to recite small poems when asked like Johnny Johnny yes papa, Twinkle twinkle little star
Started doing interlocking puzzle(20 pieces) by himself
Able to answer little question like What's your name ,sister name, mummy name, daddy name. where are you going? Where do you live? How old are you?
Try to play pretend game like becoming doctor, cooking in kitchen, feeding a baby
Try to copy and play with his elder sister
Bonding with her sister is improving
Sometime ask her sister to copy his activity
Understanding emotions like happy and angry face of us
Recognise a lot of things by seeing the photos
Knows and recognise his classmates and teacher names.
Recognise the names of his classmate by seeing their name spelling
Like to be appreciated when done something like good boy
Started making friends in pre school and playing with them In free play time
Started playing matching ,reasoning, spelling words on iPad
Eating habits are improving becoming less fussy

Anonymous said...

Sir , I am happy with the improvement of my daughter Adwita, her attention problem is there slightly. She faces problem in articulation. Otherwise her IQ is very good. Thank u doctor for ur support.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr.Anish, case Ref no-H1826

Thanks for your valuable treatment of my Daughter Shreya.
I would like to share the feedback about positive response after one month's medicine effect.

1.she sleeping well. around 9hours a day
2. Hyperactivity has minimized a lot.
3. she is in progress with eye contact.
4 she is reading 1 to 10 and A to H

In addition, we giving her speech therapy weekly 3 days.
and when we need to start E2 and E3...?

We need your more support as well for more improvement.Currently, we are giving 1, 2, 3 & E2 and E3 Not at started.

yours sincerely

Anonymous said...

M2477 [Poor comprehension, Speech delay]
Sir I am very much relieved that Adwita , my daughter 's social behaviour has changed to my pleasure and as I expected. She can now easily confronts her peers and teachers and can socialize with others.But her conversation is most of the times not understood by her friends. Hence this problem still persists and keeps her on back foot. The only thing is she falls short of vocabolry and poor sentence structure.But her thoughts are very logical and reasonable. Now a days she asks questions about anything that she finds in her surroundings. This keeps me very optimistic and at peace. Her teacher are still very cooperative and understanding. She has secured 70 percent in last academic year.
> Of late she developed a fear of darkness.At night she cannot stay alone in a room not even for few minutes though other members are present in other room.
> Thanks Sir for your medicines .

Anonymous said...

Improvement in field of socializing is there.
Started writing numbers 1-10 on his own and above 10 needs verbal help
Alphabet A to F he knows rest still cannot write only recognition is there
Doctor he is interested in watching few cartoons in Hindi knows most of d dialogues one after d other spoken by d characters in d episode but if asked regarding academics does not show much interest
Yes definitely there is improvement in his speech he has stopped repeating questions and tries to answer as far as he knows
His focus and interest is less regarding studies plz help me out

Anonymous said...

H1881 son is on ur medicines since 10 months.his case o is husband talked to doc vaknalli yesterday.we have started him with nemechek protocol along with son since start has hyperactivity no impulsiveness.he can sit n concentrate for like 1 hour or more.he has no sensory issues now.hand flapping,touch sensitive all gone.he loves messy plays now.but his eye contact,direction following is still same.speech is getting better but very 1 word in a concern is his fixation with numbers n alphabets n specially a phrase old macdonalds had a farm.he all the time repeats this phrase and want to write it everywhere.he is just obsessed with it.doc asked me to email for thia concern.thanks

Unknown said...

Case no H-1977

Unknown said...

Hello sir ,myself deepti from pune.its about my son arjun DOB-3-4-2013, 5yrs old has been diognose with hyperactive kid ,he is being diaognose wit touge twister, so we operated him relesed hes tounge, now he talk some level clear,but some word doesnt,he cannot make sentence,but have progress in speech, we also consult with some therpaist like speech and occupational thearpy for one month, but it seems does nt work coz we have financial problem so we stopped, problem is he did not sit one place he jumps and make sound hmmmm,also in school does the same, by shouting on him gets angry and annouy very much ,and started heating himself or me or his father and sister, he never wants to fails he wants to be first in any situation like to walk home with his sister he want to be first,but my sn is very inteligent like in number 1-100 ,alphabet sound ,poems , can solve his jr kg worksheet, exam papers ,

Unknown said...

Dear Dr. Anish ,
My son is now 3 years 5 month suspected mild to moderate Autism / ADHD . He is having speech delayed no eye contact and no attention.we have started speech therapy and BT from last 5 month.he started identifying numerical and laters and saying A Apple B ball, but his common speech is absent like calling mom or dad ,asking for food.
Is there any help for my child in homeo patchy medicine?

Unknown said...

Hi, my son Garvit is 6 years old. He is found with adhd disorder. Symptoms have been seen from last 3 years but treatment yet not started. Plz suggest the course of medicines.

Unknown said...

Dear Dr Anish
I am Manisankar form kolkata ( India)
Sir my kid Arnaab have same issue which Of ADHD diagnosis and need your help

Unknown said...

Dr need some homeopathic medicine pls help us to get it

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr.
This is khanak's mom
After the medicine's Khanak is much calmer and focused twds the task she is doin.

Much better life we are experiencing thanks a lot.

harsha said...

Hello doctor
My 20 months doctor has been diagnosed with autistic tendencies. Pls help

Unknown said...

Sir pls say if it works genuinely ...I am suffering a lot with my child.pls

Anonymous said...


Doctor please let me know how much I need to pay for the medicines. Bottle 1,2 and 3 and E1 and E3 I need it sir.

And still he needs to communicate more and his attention is very less and he is hyper still

He has improved a lot but still he needs to improve his communication and identification of objects

Medicines will last for 3 more days.

Anonymous said...

Aarjav Australia

The changes we have seen are he has been calmer and attentive. He make eye contact to some level now and repeats few more words.

Anonymous said...

Case Ref No: B-3350 Master Vihaan Hugar
The service that I receive for my child Vihaan is ADHD from Dr. Anish Vaknalli is excellent. Dr. Anish and his staff are friendly and ensure that I am properly informed about my child health and care. He is very understanding and listens to my child concerns.
First of all I would like to tell that I wasn't expected improvement in such less time. Because I never believe in homeopathic treatment. Even though I took a chance for my child. As I Know Allopathic treatment for ADHD has severe Unknown side effect.
Three month back I was surfing in google How to treat ADHD children. I read Doctors review and his treatment plan. Instantly I called doctor and took appointment.
My child Vihaan is 6 year old now. My wife's pregnancy was normal. and in my family no one having such kind of Health problem. Till 2 year my child growth and development was normal as like other normal child. after that we were facing his Hyperactive and anxious issues. He was not uttering single words till age of 5. Whatever we say he don't understand at all. Poor concentration, lack of listening, No eye contacts.
Once we started Dr. Anish Treatment within first month itself we observed many improvement. My child surprised me in many situation. He started speaking whole sentence. understanding level increased, anxiousness reduced tremendously. Speech and hyperactive is improved up to 70% if I compare with previous condition.
Now, we are very happy by seeing this improvement in our child. Day by day he is overcoming all the challenges. I would highly recommend Dr. Anish Treatment for All the parents whose child are facing ADHD. As I have observed dramatic improvement in my child and there is no side effect at all.
Dr. Anish Thank you very much for your efforts and helping my child to overcome challenges. I am sure my child will be better soon and enjoy his normal life.

Anonymous said...

My Case number is B4124

*My experience till now*:

There is definitely improvement in my clarity of thoughts , my thoughts are comparatively more organized now and not impulsive

Anxiety have reduced

Anger/irritation have reduced