Friday, May 7, 2021

Interview on Homeopathy and Autism, Dr. Anish Vaknalli 

Topic: Homeopathy should be the first line of treatment for all common conditions and child development and behavioral conditions like Autism, ADHD, Speech delay.

Medicircle, a popular Health News Portal's, recently interviewed of Dr. Anish Vaknalli (MD, HomeoConsult RD) on the science, scope and benefits of Homeopathy.

This video will help you clarify your doubts about Homeopathy, get answers to the many questions patients have and also learn about its usefulness in treating common health conditions and especially those affecting children like Autism, ADHD, Behavioral and Developmental conditions.

We sincerely thank Medicircle for having interviewed Dr. Vaknalli and educating all about this wonderful mode of treatment.

Video Highlights:

Homeopathy: How it works and why is it so subtle and effective
Homeopathy should be the first line of treatment for most illnesses
Homeopathy has no side effects or drug interactions
Homeopathy has more advantages than disadvantages
Homeopathy should be taken under a Homeopaths guidance
Homeopathy, highly recommended for chronic ailments
Homeopathy works wonders for Autism, ADHD, Speech delay
Homeopathy is the preferred choice for children conditions

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