Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kidney stones Homeopathic treatment, Mumbai

Credits: Dr. Anish Vaknalli

Individuals are often misinformed about the limitation and scope of homeopathic medicines for kidney stones or calculi. Kidney stones and Gall bladder stones form in different shapes and sizes and the smaller the stone better are the chances that they will pass on initiating homeopathic treatment.

Some stones can be broken too in order to make it easier to pass; however as the stones grow older they tend to become hard and unbreakable. Newer stones are relatively softer and can be broken if treatment and dietary changes are initiated early.

We classify patients into two types when dealing with Renal or Gall Bladder Calculi:

Stones are small and passable: After determining the diameter of the stones as seen in the USG (Ultra Sonography) treatment is initiated with the intention of:

Helping breakdown of stones.
Relieving spasm and inflammation of the tissue around the stone making it easier for it to pass.
Long-term treatment beyond 6 months helps in reducing recurrence and especially useful for patients with a positive family history or history of relapses.

Stones are large (10mm & above) and obstructed:

Helping breakdown of stones. The results may vary and a treatment course of 4-6 months can give some indication of the extent to which the meds are helping.

Relieving spasm and inflammation of the tissue around the stone helping it to pass if possible and when broken down.

Some patients may be recommended lithotripsy or surgery. However, long-term treatment beyond 6 months is highly recommended as it helps in reducing recurrences significantly.

Medicines used in Homeopathy

Tincture of Berberis is commonly used for breaking and propagating stones and can be used over the counter. However, there are numerous other remedies which need to be administered internally as these can significantly help in relieving pain and colic as well as propagate passage of the stones.

Constitutional remedies based on the persons overall symptoms and personality characteristics also helps in preventing and altering the inherent factors causing relapses. A constitutional remedy can be determined by your homeopathic physician.

These pictures are of kidney stones passed by some of our patients during the course of the treatment. If you or someone you know suffers from small to medium calculi or recurrent kidney stones we would strongly recommend that you start homeopathy as soon as possible.

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