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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Homeopathy treatment

Homeopathic treatment for IBS or Irritable Bowels

Benefit from our side-effect free IBS treatment prescribed for over 25 years...

What our cured patients have to say:

I have known Dr. Anish Vaknalli since 2002. I initially consulted him for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I had intermittent constipation followed by running stomach. I had consulted several gastroenterologists by that time; they all advised adding more fiber in the diet. But the changed dietary plan and health exercises didn't have any impact whatsoever on my ailment. Constipation was so acute that bowel movement was excruciatingly painful. I took medication for IBS for two years. Since then I have not experienced this problem. It's easily manageable now.
Mrs. Vandana (USA)

I walked into Dr. Anish's clinic with a crippling condition called IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). This painful disease would cripple me every time my periods came and the spasms were like childbirth, so painful i couldn't walk, was afraid to eat anything, even a little bit of stress would aggravate it. Dr listened intently to me as i explained in detail asking me questions in between about the exact symptoms. Then he gave me the remedies. As i looked at those tiny white sugary pills I kept asking myself is this really gonna work? they taste like sugar, are these placebos? am i really at the right place? so skeptical was I, and then my life started to change. The pain got lesser and lesser with every cycle my bowels started functioning normally, I wasn't afraid of getting my periods anymore which in the past I used to absolutely dread! all thanks to Dr. Anish the magician with his miracle pills. Forever I will be indebted to him for lifting this curse called IBS off me. 
Tarannum Shaikh (Mumbai, India)

I had been looking for a perfect homoeopathic solution for the last couple years. I tried a few alternatives from India, but nothing seemed to work out well, due to the geographic distance. When I researched my options overseas, I was quite impressed by your email communication option plus your credentials. I immediately decided to take action and am very happy with the continuous progress.

It goes without saying that your treatment has been extremely helpful, otherwise I wouldn't have stuck to it after the initial 3 months. Overall I have had no problem with the delivery of medicines either and would definitely recommend them.
Mrs. V R (NY, USA)

I have been suffering from repeated episodes of digestion issues for a few years now. While these have not caused me major health issues, they have caused me a lot of bother in terms of impact on daily life (during these episodes). Numerous tests have not indicated any specific problems with any organs and gastroenterologists have indicated that I have borderline IBS which gets triggered off by multiple reasons every now and then. Till very recently my approach has been to take allopathic medicines during those episodes and to try to keep the issues under control. However, these drugs have side-effects which I was worried about.

Since the past few months I have been under the care of Dr. Anish Vaknalli and I must say I have seen marked improvement in my digestive system. The frequency of my attacks has reduced quite significantly and the episodes of indigestion have been much milder. I am also quite happy to be able to avoid the tell-tale side-effects of the allopathic medicines which I had been taking earlier.

What has impressed me most about Dr.Vaknalli is how ‘patient’ he is with his patients in trying to understand their problems as also the fact that he is always easily reachable. In fact, when I dropped him a text message for an urgent consultation when he was in the USA, he was gracious enough to actually call me up to have a chat with me.  Regards
Sujoy (India)

Why get treated at HomeoConsult RD?

The most recent approach in treating IBS is addressing the overall symptoms of this disease and prescribing a remedy capable of normalizing unfavorable responses to aggravating factors such as stress, diet, hormones etc.

A holistic approach, in our opinion, is the only choice of treatment capable of helping this ailment truly. Thus, unlike conventional IBS treatment, Dr. Anish Vaknalli's homeopathic treatment is a ‘Personalized Approach’.

What can one expect from HRD’s Homeopathic Rx?
  • Initially, acute symptoms of diarrhea or constipation can be relieved immediately
  • Relapses during the course of treatment are common and subside gradually
  • As treatment progresses you can expect the relapses and intensity of symptoms to reduce
  • Relapses due to diet and environmental factors can be better handled
  • Significant improvement can be expected on completion of 4-6 months of treatment
About Dr. Vaknallys, HomeoConsult RD
  • Trusted name in Homeopathy (since 1975)
  • 4 clinical centres throughout Bombay
  • Experience with over 60,000+ cases worldwide
  • Research and evidence based clinical practice
  • Pioneers in Homeopathic Pharma Formulations
  • Affiliated with renowned Medical Associations
  • World wide presence with patients present globally
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Hair Loss homeopathy doctor treatment, medicines

Hair Fall (General) and Alopecia Areata

Dr. Anish Vaknalli (MD, HomeoConsult R&D) is an internationally educated & acclaimed Homeopathic physician specializing in the treatment of chronic conditions in children and adults.  

His researched and proven treatment for skin and hair conditions is 100% natural and safe and used by thousands of patients worldwide.

General hair loss, premature balding, alopecia areata, hair thinning and dandruff are some of the condition which can be completely stopped or reversed with this therapy.

The treatment formulated here consists of an individualistic prescription of internal homeopathic medicines capable of stopping or reversing hair loss due to poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance, stress, auto immune conditions or genetic predisposition.

On starting treatment you can expect to:

  • See a considerable reduction in the loss of hair
  • See an increase in the density of your hair
  • Improve the quality of your scalp and cure scalp diseases
  • Dandruff, scalp dryness, excessive oiliness etc.  to improve

Note: Medicines cannot reverse conditions where complete loss of hair follicles occurs. . We therefore urge you to start this treatment soon before irreversible damage takes place.

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Tonsil Adenoid Children Homeopathy Treatment

Safe, natural, homeopathic treatment and cure for Adenoids and tonsils 

Tonsils and Adenoids?

Adenoids are a mass of lymphoid tissue situated posterior to the nasal cavity (nasopharynx) where the nose blends into the throat. 

Tonsils (palatine tonsils) are a mass of lymphoepithelial tissue and are located on either side of the back of the throat. Unlike adenoids which are too high up, tonsils are easily visible in the back of the throat.

How do Tonsils and Adenoids affect us?

Tonsils and Adenoids are the first line of defense against infections entering through the naso-oral route. They trap harmful bacteria and viruses that you breathe in or swallow and also produce antibodies to help your body fight infections better. Unlike 

Tonsils which remain active for long, Adenoids usually shrink after about age 5 and practically disappear by the teenage years.

Symptoms of enlarged Tonsils and Adenoids

Enlarged tonsils: The main symptoms are sore throat, dry cough, pain on swallowing and fever. The tonsils will look inflamed, red and may have flecks of pus.

Enlarged Adenoids: The main symptoms are nasal stuffiness, discharge and obstruction. Since enlarged adenoids block the passage of air from the nose, children experience difficulty in breathing, will breathe with their mouth open, may snore at night and experience disturbed sleep.

Why Surgery should be Avoided?

Tonsils and adenoids may be considered as the first line of defense against infection entering through the mouth and nose. 

Removal of the tonsils and adenoids may resolve immediate discomfort. However, your susceptibility to catch colds and throat infections does not reduce. A poor immune response to allergens, viruses and infection may continue to exist even after surgery.

Research shows that removal of tonsils and adenoids does not impact future immunity. However, the reason for repeated attacks is poor immunity. Therefore, improving this immune response is crucial in saving the tonsils and adenoids. If your immune response is boosted there would be no need for their removal. 

Specialized homeopathic treatments based on an individual’s signs and symptoms does help in boosting immune responses, lowering recurrent infection and susceptibility to allergens, as well as preventing surgery in most cases.

Live Case treated at HomeoConsult RD (Dr. Anish Vaknalli)
(As narrated by the parents)

Name: Master Shivan (Name Changed), Case No. 1561 (M)
For 6-8 months our child suffered from recurrent bouts of cough, nasal obstruction and discharge, chronic colds, and pronounced breathing from the mouth when asleep. It was evident that the child had some form of difficulty in breathing and were concerned as he was inattentive and sleepy during the day. His performance in school too was lacking and were very concerned. 

On seeing his family physician we were advised for an Xray which revealed that he had sever adenoiditis and his airway passage was blocked by more than 60%. The pediatrician immediately asked us to undergo surgery as the medicines he has prescribed such as nasal sprays and some tablets weren't having any significant effect. 

This is when we were referred to Dr. Anish Vaknalli who gave us a lot of hope and asked us to abstain from all other treatments except his homeopathic medicines. On starting the homeopathy treatment Shivan responded by 20-30 percent in the first month. By the fourth month Shivan was completely free of his problem and never needed his sprays or allopathic medicines which he was so dependent on. Honestly, I never expected him to improve so soon as Dr. Vaknalli had mentioned that he may need treatment for up to a year. Not aware that I needed to continue the medicines we stopped the course as we were travelling to our native place. Nevertheless, it has been more than a year now and Shivan is completely free of this problem and his Xrays too confirmed the same.

Mr. Sardesai (Father of Shivan) 

HomeoConsult RD's Homeopathic treatment benefits

Over the past 25 years countless cases have been referred and treated at HomeoConsult RD. Our medicines are purely Homeopathic, prepared from natural sources, and capable of curing without the harsh side effects commonly encountered with conventional medicine.

On starting this treatment patients with Adenoids first experience a reduction in nasal obstruction and stuffiness, and those with enlarged Tonsils a reduction in the soreness and pain, proceeding to improved tolerance to environmental factors and allergens. Over time the medicines are capable of reducing their size and preventing relapses.

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