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Best eczema treatment with homeopathic medicine

Eczema treatment with homeopathy, offered to patients worldwide...

Case contribution by: Dr. Anish Vaknalli (MD, HomeoConsult RD)

If your child suffers from Eczema or Atopic Eczema or Dermatitis, strongly consider our Homeopathic treatment which works naturally and stabilizes the altered immune response to allergens.

Eczema is one condition for which countless individuals have chosen our treatment over conventional allopathic medicines as Dr. Anish Vaknalli specializes in treating conditions of the skin and children.

It is evident that most skin conditions aren’t just a local disorder and usually are an external manifestation of a deeper systemic disorder. An individual will only manifest a skin condition if he/she experiences an abnormal response to factors which trigger such ailments.

As a result, external creams (steroids, anti-allergic etc) will only temporarily suppress skin ailments which eventually reappear on stopping them or may even aggravate or manifest into a deeper systemic problem.

As homeopaths, we do not prescribe medicines which work only superficially or locally and resort to internal homeopathic medicines which can improve your body’s intrinsic response and healing mechanism and guide your system to the path of recovery. The homeopathic medicines prescribed also aid in normalize your body’s responses making it less prone to relapses and improved ability to cope with allergens in the future.

Case Study:
The above child was brought to see Dr. Anish Vaknalli for his condition of ‘Atopic Dermatitis’ or ‘Eczema’. His condition was being treated by a skin specialist who had prescribed the usual local creams and anti-allergic drugs. Though on a strong drug and food regimen, his condition was progressing and has spread to most parts of his body with sever itching and oozing in some parts. 

Once treatment was initiated by Dr. Vaknalli, all such drugs were weaned off gradually and only internal Homeopathic medicines and local moisturizing lotions were recommended.

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How do the prescribed Homeopathic medicines work?
The principle is similar to vaccination. Very small doses (molecular form) of the homeopathic medicine capable of causing such skin conditions are prescribed internally. In turn, the body responds to these molecules and imparts immunization (the process by which an individual's immune system becomes fortified against an agent) such as a vaccine imparts. 

The medicines which helps in bringing about this change varies among children just as different vaccines are required for different ailment depending on the nature and manifestation of the symptoms.

Opting for our treatment:
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Anonymous said...

Hello Doctor Vaknalli.
Yes, you are absolutely correct as mine as well as my child's atopic eczema was cured using this treatment. Stopping steroids wasn't easy; but the homeopathic treatment surely helped in preventing my relapses and curing my child's problem early.
S. Roy