Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Natural Eczema & Skin allergy homeopathic treatment

A homeopath does not consider a skin condition as a local disease and regards it as an external manifestation of a systemic disharmony. Simply put a person will only manifest a skin condition if he/she experiences an abnormal systemic response to factors which trigger skin ailments. As a result, external creams used in conventional medicine will only temporarily suppress skin ailments which eventually reappear on stopping them or may even aggravate or manifest into a deeper systemic problem.

As a result, as homeopaths, we do not prescribe medicines which work only superficially or locally and resort to internal homeopathic medicines which can improve your innate, healing responses and guide your system to the path of recovery. The medicines, besides normalizing your bodys responses to external factors, also help in reducing levels of emotional stress, depression, or any other innate condition causing a systemic disturbance leading directly or indirectly to such skin problems.

The homeopathic medicines prescribed also aid in normalize your bodys responses making it less prone to relapses and improved ability to cope with allergic or trigger factors in the future.

Case Study:
The above individual was initially treated for sever migraine headaches which started after being severely ridiculed and insulted by her peers and superiors. She was treated with a homeopathic remedy known as Staphysagria which successfully resolved her migraines in 2-3 months. Following this she developed the above skin condition which is justifiable as per the homeopathic laws and direction of cure as some cases can show an outward manifestation on the skin when a deeper systemic ailment is cured.

A few infrequent doses of a remedy called Mercurius Solubilis helped in resolving this skin ailment in another 2 months following which she has been free of the migraine as well as the eczema.

If you or someone you know suffers from skin problems we strongly recommend that you start homeopathy as soon as possible. You can also refer 

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