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Varicose veins and Homeopathy, Homeopathic medicines

The faster you treat them better are the results
Courtesy: Dr. Anish Vaknalli

Varicose veins are enlarged, tortuous veins commonly seen in the legs and feet. For some varicose veins may be simply of cosmetic concerns, while for others it may cause agonizing pain, swelling and discomfort especially after sitting or standing for long. 

Varicose veins are treatable with homeopathic medicines. It is especially recommended in its initial stages to prevent its progression as well as in its later stages to relieve associated symptoms such as pain, heaviness, swelling, itching and complications such as varicose ulcers. Chronic and severely enlarged varicose veins cannot be reversed and needs surgical intervention. However, if treated timely most cases can be prevented from reaching this stage and surgery avoidable.

Homeopathic Approach
Dr. Vaknallis preferential treatment method includes two types of homeopathic remedies with different sphere of actions.

Remedies which work on the vein walls: These remedies work at relieving stagnation of blood and aid in its recirculation by improving the elasticity of the veins walls. They help to relieve congestion in the peripheral veins and are predominantly the main remedies used. They also help is easing off the pressure, pain and swelling in the enlarged veins and indirectly aid in curing stasis eczema (eczema in the lower limb due to accumulation of blood) and varicose ulcers, a complication due to fluid buildup in the skin tissue.

Remedies which work on improving valve tone and muscle contraction: Along side he also includes the use of certain remedies capable of improving tone of the venous valves and muscle contraction which helps in pumping blood upwards and towards the heart. Lack of muscle tone and elasticity of the vein are the foremost reasons for developing varicose veins.

Recommended Self-care tips

It is imperative to follow some simple lifestyle changes which can aid in preventing and relieving symptoms of varicose veins and improve recirculation. They are
  • Avoid prolonged periods of standing or sitting which can increase venous stagnation
  • While lying down elevating your legs using a few pillows helps eases swelling
  • Loosing weight and exercising regularly improves muscle tone and eases blood stagnation
  • Avoid tight clothing around your waist and legs which impedes circulation
  • Wear low-heel shoes which promote contraction of your calves as compared to high-heels
  • Use compression stockings during the day which help in squeezing your leg muscles, aiding recirculation

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Ovarian cyst & homeopathy

Resolution of multiple ovarian cysts (possible chocolate cyst) with homeopathy
Credits: Dr. Anish Vaknalli

This case demonstrates the effects of homeopathic medicines on ovarian cysts in a female aged 29 years with symptoms of menstrual irregularities, pain and infertility, having undergone conventional gynecological treatments to help resolve this problem.

She approached Dr. Anish Vaknalli in May 2009 during which she had discontinued all other treatments and had opted for the homeopathic treatment at our centre. The reports in short are as follows:

October 08 to April 09 Before Homeopathic treatment 
Left Ovary
Left ovary Size: 7.0x4.2 cm
Two cysts measuring 3.2x2.4 cm and 3.6x3.0cmRight Ovary
Right ovary Size: 3.7x2.3 cm
One cyst measuring 3.0x1.5 cm
Menstrual cycle
Was delayed for 2-3 months and sometimes longer

Dec 2009  After 6 months of Homeopathic treatment
Left Ovary
Left Ovary size: 2.8x2.1 cm
One very small cyst
Free fluid in adnexa, possibly due to rupture and resolution of the cyst
Right Ovary
Right ovary size: 4.1x4.7 cm
No cyst
Menstrual cycle
Regular for the past 2 cycles

Brief description about ovarian cysts

An ovarian cyst is a fluid filled sac usually found on the surface of an ovary, commonly seen in women during child bearing years. Most cysts are self-resolving, physiological and harmless, commonly occurring during the period when your ovary releases an egg (ovulation), usually on the 14 day of your menstrual cycle. However, between 4% and 10% of women of childbearing age develop a metabolic dysfunction, known as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) marked by the formation of multiple cysts either in one or both the ovaries. There are different types of cysts.
The case described here is of a possible Chocolate or Endometrial cyst that forms when endometrial tissue (the type that lines the inside of the uterus) invades an ovary.

Homeopathic Treatment for Ovarian cysts and PCOD
Management of PCOD primarily involves prescribing a Homeopathic remedy capable of working on the ovaries and the entire endocrinal system. This approach usually helps in correcting the pathology associated with PCOD. The remedies usually prescribed include those which: 
  • Correct hormonal imbalances
  • Regulate menstrual cycles
  • Resolve cyst and prevent them by correcting ovulation
  • Prescribe anti-hemorrhagic remedies which prevent bleeding when cyst resolve
Homeopathic remedies prescribed for this condition vary and is chosen after thorough consideration of all the signs, symptoms and pathology the person present with and changes during the course of the treatment. Kindly refrain from self medication as you may worsen your condition. A few useful remedies are: Lachesis, Calcarea Carb, Thuja, Conium, Calcarea Fluor besides many others which only an experienced Homeopath can ascertain.

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