Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Infantile or Children Eczema & Homeopathy

Dec 2009. A case of infantile eczema cured within 3 months of treatment at HomeoConsult RD, Consultant: Dr. Anish Vaknalli


It is very unusual to see a case of Infantile or childhood eczema cured within a span of 2-3 months especially with conventional or allopathic medicines. Though unusual, homeopathy can achieve this with the right approach and cooperation of the parent and child affected.

Why cooperation?

Simply because when our homeopathic treatment is started conventional local applications such as steroids and internal anti-allergic or anti-itch medicines need to be tapered off and can temporarily aggravate the condition. This aggravation does come into control once the homeopathic medicines take effect usually within the first 1-2 months and sometimes longer.

Do children grow out of eczema?

Yes they do, however it is much more likely in mild forms of eczema affecting relatively a smaller portion of the body. You can either moisturize the skin or make a few dietary changes which can help ease the symptoms of eczema as well. However, we see a significant number of children who do not naturally grow out of it and may have agonizing and uncontrollable symptoms such a itching. We strongly believe that your child can be speared form this and homeopathy can guide the body towards recover, without any side effects.

Case photos:

The photos shown here are of a child from the UK suffering from Atopic dermatitis/Eczema and very dry skin for over a year. He was treated at our centre in India (Mumbai) in mid 2005 for a period of 1 month and for another 2 months in the UK under our care. All local applications as well as internal anti-allergic meds were stopped and the child was purely on homeopathic medicines. In the first 2-3 weeks we saw a mild aggravation which followed by a miraculous recovery clearing the skin in the first 2 months itself. No dietary changes were recommended in this particular case.

The patient failed to communicate with us over the next 3 years and was recently seen in Nov 2009 when the most recent photos shown here were taken. On enquiring we learnt that the child had completely recovered from the eczema during the treatment period and had never recurred except for some dry localized patches of minimal intensity.

How can I opt for this treatment?

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