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Case Presentation: A Case of Developmental Delay, Mental retardation & Dystonia Treated with Homeopathy

Dear Parents,

HomeoConsult R&D is a Multi Specialty Centre and Dr. Anish Vaknalli, our Chief Homeopathic Physician & Managing Director, practicing for over 25 years, is world renowned for his expertise in treating children with Developmental Delays. 

The treatment we use is called NP-Therapy or Neuro Pathways Therapy in which Homeopathic remedies and Homeopathic Bio-Neural supplements are prescribed. This treatment has been used for over 25 years and is natural, safe, has no side effects and can be used as long as one desires. Most cases treated here have shown satisfactory results and we strongly urge you to start this treatment along with any other treatment currently being used.

Some of the conditions we treat here regularly are:
Autism, ADHD or Attention Deficit Disorder, Speech Delay, Apraxia, Learning Disability, Global Developmental Delay, Mental Retardation, Cognitive & Intellectual Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, Dystonia, MLD, Brain Injuries, Brain Strokes, Neurological Disorders and many more...

Here we have tried to show a case of Developmental Delay & Dystonia and how changes were brought about using our Advanced Homeopathic treatment method. For specific conditions do refer to the pages and their links below. 

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Case Presentation: 
Amazing recovery of a child with Mental Retardation and Generalized Dystonia (Movement disorder) as a result of brain damage 

What is Dystonia?

Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder, which is characterized by involuntary, sustained muscle contraction and spasms causing abnormal movements and postures. Dystonia can affect several different muscles at once or may affect a single muscle of the body.

Dystonia can be from birth or may occur in adult life. It can be hereditary, birth related (due to brain damage) or caused by infections, physical trauma and even pharmaceutical drugs. 

How do we define Mental Retardation? [Ref. Wikipedia]

Mental retardation (MR) is a generalized disorder appearing before adulthood, characterized by significantly impaired cognitive functioning and deficits in two or more adaptive behaviors.

In science, cognition is a group of mental processes that includes attention, memory, producing and understanding language, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making. 

Description of a Case being treated at HomeoConsult RD
Ms. Vaibhavi was brought to Dr. Anish Vaknalli’s Centre in October 2011. 

She presented with:

MRI: Diffuse, small T2 hyperintense foci, leukomalacia (damage or softening) due to white matter injury occurring on immature white matter. Her condition was a result of brain damage at birth and was offered no medical treatment other than physiotherapy.

Signs of brain damage, mental retardation and delayed development:
  • Delayed milestones such as walking and talking
  • Poor cognition and adaptive behavior
  • She was unable to eat. Suffered from severe constipation
  • Walked without balance as if she was about to fall
  • Excessive stubbornness, and cried and screeched continuously
  • Lacked attention, comprehension and failed to follow commands

Signs of dystonia she presented with:
  • Generalized dystonia (involuntary muscle contractions and movements)
  • Involuntary spasms in the back and legs causing imbalance and twisted postures
  • Neck and hand spasms without pain
  • Jerking movements from the head to legs
  • Unusual bending and twisting of the torso 
The above Video is after 2 months of treatment. Observe her dramatic change post treatment.

Observe her balance and co-ordination, lack of muscle spasms allowing her to stand easily, her response to her father, lack of jerking movement, better attention and comprehension.

Treatment outcome after 2 months of Homeopathic treatment

The treatment prescribed initially for Vaibhavi included homeopathic medicines capable of correcting the abnormal motor response and co-ordination as well as our in-house, researched remedies which have proven to help children with brain damage resulting in delayed milestones and heightened sensitivity.

Within the first month she showed the following changes:
Her constant crying and irritability reduced by over 50%. Her imbalance and muscle spasms reduced by over 30%. In the following month she started using words and tried to communicate by using words like ‘papa’ and ‘mama’.

She remarkably advanced further and started communicating and asking relevant questions. Prior to treatment she was unable to descend stair and was now confidently doing so with the help of the railing. Her constipation and appetite reasonably improved too.

3 months after Homeopathic treatment: 
Her imbalance had improved to the point where she was now holding hands and walking without significant imbalance. Her comprehension and understanding considerably improved and was now following commands. She started attending school and her ability to mingle with kids and follow instructions such as recognizing objects, stacking rings normalized. She now said ‘bye-bye’, called her father, climbed and descended slides and swings and showed a remarkable reversal in her coordination. At this stage her dystonia had now improved by over 50%.

She is currently continuing the treatment here and we are hopeful and confident she will transpire to be an independent, self-reliant child in a few years.

Dr. Anish Vaknalli’s views on treating children with brain damage and dystonia 

Here at HomeoConsult R&D, we witness remarkable reversals in children affected by developmental and neurological conditions for which seldom any help is available. Majority of the parents visiting us are unaware of the benefits Homeopathy can offer or have tried various other alternative treatments without any tangible therapeutic evidence. 

Dystonia, Ataxia, Cerebral Palsy, Delayed Milestones, Autism, PDD, Brain damage due to birth hypoxia, traumatic brain damage, mental retardation (MR) and such neurological and developmental disorders are routinely treated here purely with Homeopathic medicines yielding satisfactory results. Our experience with researched, homeopathic, neuro-motor remedies over the past 2 decades has reinforced our passion for dealing with so called irreversible disorders.

Our homeopathic treatment combined with Physiotherapy, Occupational and ABA therapy, or in conjunction with conventional treatments yields best results. We also assure you that you or your child will like taking these palatable remedies which have no side effects whatsoever. 

We encourage you to seek this treatment as early as possible as we witness maximum benefits if started when the conditions is in its initial stages or when your child is young. Also, results vary and depend on the causative and pathological factors and similar reversals may not be possible in every case. Do feel free to email or call us and let us help you improve your quality of life and independence.

How can I opt for this treatment?

Besides our 3 clinical centres in Mumbai (India), we offer our services worldwide as well.

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