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Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Homeopathy Treatment

 Homeopathy, the best option for kids with ODD.

Safe, Natural, Side-Effect free.

What is ODD or Oppositional Defiant Disorder in children:

Oppositional defiant Disorder in children is a behavioral disorder. Kids with ODD are defiant, stubborn, and uncooperative and show antagonistic or hostile behavior toward others. Most children in their growing years do show signs of ODD, however with compassion and understanding the child can be managed and controlled. However, children diagnosed with ODD show this behavior very often and can be very demanding, difficult to handle, often disobey, argue, and rebel against parents and teachers.

Causes of ODD in children:

Our understanding of the causes of ODD in children is as follows:

Genetics or Sanskaras:

Sanskaras as per Hindu philosophy means mental impressions, something the child could have inherited or born with. We do witness many children who have been in a perfect environment, had the ideal upbringing and still show signs of ODD. In short, we do not know why and can only conclude that the child is born with this behavioral attribute or personality trait.

Child Development & Upbringing:

Often children tend to become defiant by copying the negative enforcement he/she has been exposed to during their early days. Oppositional behavior can be a result of excessive or harsh discipline by parents and sometimes due to the child’s inability to deal with discipline or academic pressure.

Screen time

Kids exposed to inappropriate screen time often show ODD too. Children more than often enjoy and get addicted to their iPads and television shows and may consider inappropriate verbal and body language seen in some cartoons and children shows as normal. Parental supervision, limiting screen time and exposure to the right content is highly advisable.

Related Conditions

Children with conditions like ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Speech and Cognitive delay, Autism and Anxiety tend to also show signs of ODD.


Identifying signs of ODD in a child

Anger, irritation and temper tantrums

Brash, Argumentative children

Obstinate or stubborn and refusal to obey

Playing antics or mischief, inconsiderate

Often irritated and annoyed by others

Constant questioning to what’s being asked of them

Harsh, disrespectful, inappropriate language

Can be revengeful, bitter and vindictive

Homeopathy treatment for ODD

For parents dealing with ODD kids our advice is to immediately seek an appointment from a Homeopath who specializes in children and mental health and start treatment. Since we do specialize in this and have seen thousands of such cases, we can confidently say that there is nothing better than homeopathy that can help modify your child’s behavior without any side effects.

Every homeopathic remedy used for ODD has been thoroughly studied and has been observed to clinically reduce signs like impulsivity, aggression, defiance and anger. There are many remedies used, some of which are mentioned below. The remedy to be used can only be ascertained by an experienced homeopath and we urge you to never self-medicate.

Nux Vomica:

Personality traits when this remedy is used are egotism, haughtiness, excess pride, lack focus and attention.

Tarentula H:

Kids needing this remedy are usually restless, mischievous, violent, and may often be a nuisance in a social gathering or class.


This remedy is used when the child is Irritable, angry, sensitive, spiteful, and snappy with temper tantrums.

There are many such remedies used in Homeopathy. Depending on the signs, symptoms and severity of the child’s behaviour the remedy changes too.


How can I get Homeopathic Treatment for ODD?

To get started you may share details of your child by emailing us at or WhatsApp us on +919820190203 (India) or 1-888-460-3575 (USA/Canada Toll-free)



An appointment will be set up as per yours and Dr. Vaknalli’s convenient time

We will discuss your kid’s behavior and may ask you to send some videos if relevant.

A form or questionnaire, if required, will be sent by email or Whatapp

If the above is not viable a discussion or video call can be arranged

Once we have clarified your doubts you may sign-up for the Treatment online

Medicines are then couriered within India as well as Overseas


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