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Vitiligo Homeopathy treatment medicine, Mumbai India

Homeopathy treatment for White Spots, Vitiligo or Leucoderma
Case contribution by: Dr. Anish Vaknalli (MD, HomeoConsult RD)

Even the worst cases of vitiligo can be reversed using our treatment, offered to patients worldwide... 

Case No 1: Baby - Age 16 months, Houston TX, USA

Segmental eyelid vitiligo: Treated with our researched Homeopathic medicines

Treatment duration: 5 months | Pics: June 2012

Mothers testimonial

My daughter was 16 months old when we got her white patches on both her eyelids diagnosed with Vitiligo. Dermatology treatments suggested by Doctors included photo radiations, + UVA (PUVA) treatments, and Spot Treatment and some more scary treatments which are not suitable for infants or toddlers. We considered Homeopathic treatment as it has No side effects. Within 2 months of taking Dr. Anish Vaknalli medication I have seen tremendous improvement in her patches. 

The medicine not only stopped those patched from increasing but reduced them. On the right Eye the patch is 90 % gone and on the left eye it is 50% gone. I am very positive and hopefull that those will go away pretty soon. As much as we are amazed with the results of the medicine we are very grateful that we found Dr Anish Vaknalli to treat our daughter, want to thank him for all his help and appreciate the immediate responses 
full of knowledge to all our questions.
Namita A. (Houston TX, USA)

Case No 2: Miss Amber, Location: Barbados

Homeopathy Vitiligo Treatment
homeopathic treatment medicines
Vitiligo homeopathic treatment cure
Amber has been on Dr. Anish's treatment for a year now and is recovering wonderfully. In Barbados the incidence of vitiligo is rare and her recovery has amazed doctors there and has been praised even by the media. In countries where Homeopathy is not as known, we are pleased to have increased its awareness and popularity. From the pictures you can see how she has recovered over the past 1 year. 

Best homeopathic doctor for vitiligo

The image on your left is her most recent pics. Do note that she is purely on homeopathic medicines for vitiligo and treatments like UVB photo therapy and steroids have never been used. 

Case No 3: Master Jonathan. Treatment since 8 months

Jonathan (name changed) approached our centre after having undergone treatment from conventional skin doctors as well as other homeopaths. The treatment recommended earlier had no effect on his condition and was slowly spreading all over his body, especially affecting the right half of his upper body.

homeopathic medicines vitiligo

Homeopathic treatment for vitiligo or leucoderma (white spots)

According to the extent of involvement and pattern of distribution, vitiligo is clinically categorized into the following types: 
Focal vitiligo: an isolated macule or a few macules in a localized, non-dermatomal distribution.
Segmental vitiligo: macules in a unilateral dermatomal distribution which this patient has.  
Generalized vitiligo: generalized widespread distribution of macules. 
Acrofacial vitiligo: affects distal end of fingers and facial orifices.
Universal vitiligo: implies loss of pigment over the entire body surface area. 

Treatment currently being prescribed:

Homeopathic treatment at our centres involves a detailed case study in each and every case taking into consideration the unique features of the disease condition as well as the persons constitutional attributes and characteristics.

Treatment prescribed may vary among cases and internal pigment-enhancing homeopathic remedies, immune-stabilizing constitutional remedies as well as remedies required to correct any other related ailment arising from a compromised immune system help in bringing about a reversal of the condition and preventing its further progression. The approach varies depending on the nature and extent of the condition.

Jonathan is currently undergoing our treatment for the past 5-6 months. Though the progress is slow, considering his age (17 years) we are confident that all his patches will reverse in the months to follow, considering his immune system is very receptive to the medicines we have prescribed. Currently more that 60% of his macules have recovered slowly and once recovery takes place they usually do not reverse.

Case No 4: Cured - Treatment duration 12 months

Priya (name changed), a child of Indian origin living in the USA started with our treatment for confirmed vitiligo of the scalp. She had a prominent pale or hypo pigmented spot along the hair margin. Her parents opted for our treatment and their commitment to continue this treatment relentlessly for 12 months yielded excellent results. The treatment prescribed was purely Homeopathic based on the child's personality and pathology. Even after 2 years she is still clear of this condition without any relapses or new spots.

Case No 5:  Treatment since 8-12 months

A case of vitiligo on the eyelid cured in 8-9 months.

Case No 6:  Treatment since 8-12 months

vitiligo cure homeopathy

Details regarding this case has been mentioned at: Click here

Homeopathic scope

Vitiligo is considered as an autoimmune condition in which your own body damages the cells responsible for skin pigment or color. Homeopathy works wonders in all conditions where your immune system is compromised and is therefore highly recommended by doctors of all branches of medicine. 

Homeopathy can be used in conjunction with the medicines you are already taking or can also be your only choice of treatment for Vitiligo and disorders leading to loss of skin pigment.

Homeopathic medicines can help in the following manner:
  • Vitiligo if treated early can be prevented from progression
  • Fewer and smaller the patches, superior the treatment outcome
  • Reversal of disease and cure possible in significant number of cases
  • Children, young adults and early onset cases most benefited
  • Homeopathic treatment has no side effects and safe for all age groups
  • Homeopathy, a must-try, alternative treatment available and should be opted for ASAP

To learn more about Vitiligo and Homeopathy, kindly refer to: Click Here

How can I opt for this treatment?
We offer our services worldwide through the net as well.

You can seek our treatment online by following the link  Click Here 

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drshah said...

Yes, I have had my child treated here from Dr. Anish Vaknalli and have seen wonderful results. Great work and I am sure your good deeds and commitment will take you places...Dr. Shah B.

Anonymous said...

Kindly email me details of your homeopathy treatment and cost for the same. Wouldn't mind flying down if need be. Also, very nice article and appreciate your description about this condition. Tried numerous treatment before and my condition is similar to that in Case 1. Need treatment soon. Rg, Lara

Vijay said...

My son is 4.5 year old son suffring mild autism kindly let me know cost of treatment and procedure for appointment my email is

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Kindly email me details of your homeopathy treatment and cost for the same.My wife is suffer from this skin problem. there is two small white spot on neck. So please email me as soon as possible, and send me your clinic address thanx, Call me if you want talk with me
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Kindly email me details of your homeopathy treatment and cost for the same.
Email add.
phone no. +919413624468, +919418324468

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Kindly give details of treatment for this i have white spot on knee .
and i want treatment details for jaipur Rajasthan India as soon as possible for me.
with regards
manish garg
jaipur rajasthan

Vitiligo Treatment said...

Nice Blog, I like your post....

Vitiligo Treatment said...

nice article, Kindly email me details of your homeopathy treatment.

Anonymous said...

Hello Doc,

I apologize for not replying for so long.

We stopped giving the medication end of november,( When the medication was almost finished), observed her for 2 month to see if the patches are coming back or there is any kind of change.

The good news is that patches are 100% Gone now !!...and they have not appeared again since then. all her skin matches and i have not noticed any change of skin in any other parts of her body.

Attached are the pictures.

I can not thank you enough for her treatment. It's a peace of mind that she does not have the patches anymore.

I have also attached her latest picture so that you can see whom you treated!!

Thanks again.

N. Abichandani

Unknown said...
Contact No. 09639805555

Dear Sir,
Meri wife Rani Bhatia jo ki Vitiligo se preshan hai use kafi jagah par marks hein, aur woh kafi had tak badh rahe hein foots par hands par neck par etc. mein apni wife ke liye kafi pareshan hu aur uska achcha treatment karwana chahta hu.
so please sir aap mujhe kuch sujhav dijiye.

Unknown said...

Really a great post.I liked it and will share it with others too.Vitiligo Treatment

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr. Vaknalli ,

Great to hear from you. Ivana is doing absolutely wonderful. she never got any patches back after stopping the medicine.We can never thank you enough.You are awesome!!

Sending some pictures of Ivana.

Thanks much

Anonymous said...

My name is Arti....pls can you email me the details and the cost for this....I am a 27 year old girl....need this assistant. My mail ID is

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Kindly email me details of your homeopathy treatment and cost for the same.My wife is suffer from this skin problem. there are small white spot on Legs. So please email me as soon as possible, and send me your clinic address thanx,
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Please do the needful

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Hai Sir I Am Dhayalan I Sufferd From vitiligo last four year on lips. I had tried some treatment but not improvement so its curable or not on lips and inside mouth please reply me my id
my no:9042631582

Anonymous said...


Good afternoon Dr.

Please see the attached photo. The 1st one was taken on 16th February and the 2nd one 12th April (the writing on her face is just a stamp she stamped on her face). We are beginning to see a markable improvement.

She is taking #1, #2, #3 and #4 daily and since this we have seen the improvements.

We will continue.

Anonymous said...

Need your advice on white spots, vitiligo in a 3 year girl. whether curable and where can I see you in Mumbai.

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