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Sinus and homeopathic treatment

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Our opinion: Homeopathy is the best option available for Chronic Sinus Infections

Almost all of us experience mild to moderate sinus infection or sinusitis in our lifetime which usually gets resolved with simple home remedies or commonly available over-the-counter decongestants. However, with increasing pollution levels, allergens and improper habits, a significant number of us experience chronic sinus blockage, with frequent relapses, usually triggered by change in the environment or by consuming items which trigger sinus infection and blockage.

What our Cured Patients have to say…

My sinus headaches and stuffiness has been relieved significantly since I started the treatment. I am able to breathe better and my sneezing and recurrent headaches have almost completely disappeared. Thankfully I am doing fine and pleased with the services rendered. Mrs. Karya (Case Ref# 1698)

I have seen a dramatic change in my son’s health since this treatment. He was a child who 24/7 had a cold and cough and could barely breath at night. We tried conventional medicines which helped for some time only. Having heard highly of Dr. Vaknalli, we started their treatment. In a matter of 5 months he is free of any form of cold and occasionally may catch a viral cough, usually from his school. I do believe that homeopathy is the best choice for children as it is absolutely safe. Patel’s (case Ref # 2577)

About paranasal sinuses
The human skull has 4 pairs of air-filled cavities called sinuses which drain into the nasal cavity. Generally our sinuses are empty and help in lowering the weight of our skull and give resonance to our voice. The 4 pairs of sinuses are:

  • Frontal Sinus: Located in the forehead
  • Ethmoid Sinus: Between the eyes
  • Maxillary Sinus: Behind the cheek bones

  • Sphenoid Sinus: Behind the eyes

  • Our nasal passages contain bacteria and viruses which do not enter the sinuses or are expelled out of the sinuses when our immune defenses are strong enough to fight-off the infection. A weakened immune response leads to our sinuses to get infected and causes the usual sinus symptoms of a running nose and pain.

    Sinusitis is classified into:
    • Acute sinusitis: lasts for less than 10 days with no more than 3 episodes per year
    • Chronic sinusitis: usually lasts for more than 20 days and occurs more than 4 times per year
    Sinusitis Causes:
    • Most common causes of acute and chronic sinusitis are:
    • Viral infections of the respiratory tract
    • Allergens & environmental pollutants
    • Bacteria and fungi
    Sinusitis: Signs and Symptoms
    Signs and symptoms depend upon which sinuses are affected and its duration.

    Pain: the location of pain depends on the sinus affected.
    • Ethmoid sinusitis: Pain or pressure behind the eyes, around the inner corner of the eye or down one side of the nose
    • Maxillary sinusitis: Tender, red, or swollen cheekbone. Pain behind the cheekbone, under or around the eye, or around the upper teeth
    • Frontal sinusitis:Headaches in the forehead and pain worse when reclining and better with the head upright
    • Sphenoid sinusitis: Pain, discomfort or pressure below the eye

    General symptoms:
    • Nasal discharge or postnasal drip in which mucus drips down the throat from behind the nose
    • Nasal congestion and blockage
    • Fever, Cough, Sore throat, Bad breath and Headaches 
    Our Specialized treatment and its outcome...

    Dr. Vaknallys, HomeoConsult RD, specializes in the treatment of chronic sinus infections and allergies and has treated innumerable cases over the past 25 years.

    Conventional treatment such as decongestants etc often used in desperation work wonders when immediate relief is expected, though with side effects. Their effects are usually those of drying your nasal passages, treating the infection and reducing fever.

    However, most cases of sinus infections seen are in those with a poor tolerance to allergens or pollutants and in individuals with a weak immune response to environmental factors. The homeopathic treatment prescribed for such individuals helps in improving ones tolerance to such triggers, boosting ones immunity, thereby helping in preventing relapses – a boon for chronic sufferers.

    As, our Treatment has proven to relieve symptoms gradually and reduce relapses without any side effects, Homeopathy should be the chosen line of treatment for adults and children considering its safety record and long-term advantages.

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    Anonymous said...

    Dear Dr. Vaknalli, thanks for the medicines. I received them a month ago and already find changes in the way I breath, number of sneezes and stuffiness. I will email you the changes in a month. Ronald (Case No. 24334)

    Anonymous said...

    Good Morning. I was very skeptical on starting something online at first, however I am glad I did signup for the Comprehensive Plan. I am much better now and my allergies and colds are very much under control. i am no more taking the medicines you sent as I completed the course. Nevertheless, I am perfectly fine and have had not relapses as I did before. thank you doctors and God Bless...Catherine Springs (LA, Case No. 55453)

    Anonymous said...

    Doctor Anish, I understand that these medicines are purely Homeopathic and have no side effects. If so how can I start treatment for my child of 6 years. I have undergone your treatment 6 years ago and doing fine. Please email me. Sheldon