Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Asthma homeopathy and homeopathic treatment Mumbai

What our cured patients have to say:

My child has been under Dr. Vaknalli’s treatment for the past 2 years. When I started the treatment he was 2 years old and suffered from ‘Asthma’. He was on bronchodilators and cough suppressants. He had to be given nebulization every 15 days and was sensitive to anything cold or artificial food stuffs. After treatment he is now free of the above and may occasionally develop a cold or cough for which I am seeking the treatment now. Thanks a ton as he is no more labeled as an ‘Asthmatic’ which bothered me a lot. Mrs. Shah

My child’s condition has improved considerably. There is a dramatic change in the frequency of his colds and asthma and is now well in control. His ability to tolerate weather and environmental changes was very poor and we now see a change in this too. Having been treated by Dr. Anish in the past, I am pleased to recommend his treatment for the same. Mrs. Patel

Thanks for treating my son Neel’s asthma. We are pleased with the positive changes seen. He is capable of playing normally and hasn’t had the need for bronchodilators or nebulizer since the past 6 months. Mother of Neel

My entire family has been coming to Dr. Vaknalli’s clinic for the past 12 years. He treats us for simple cough and colds to complicated problems. My problem of allergic cough and breathlessness which started during summer and from pollution has completely disappeared. I was sensitive to dust and humid weather which is now under control. I no more need the strong medicines prescribed by the specialist and now rely only on homeopathy. Thanks for all your support and patience while treating us. Mrs. Chedda

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Why trust Dr. Vaknalli's, HomeoConsult RD:
  • Medical consultancy since 1975
  • Trusted name in Homeopathy world-wide
  • 4 clinical centres throughout Bombay (Mumbai, India)
  • Experience with over 60,000+ cases, worldwide
  • Research & evidence based clinical practice
  • Pioneers in Homeopathic Pharma-Formulations
  • Affiliated with renowned Medical Associations
Our clinical team has described detail regarding this treatment at http://www.homeoconsult.com/ailments-and-treatments/asthma.aspx


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