Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Leg Ulcer Treatment with Homeopathy

Chronic, Non-Healing leg ulcer treatment, Homeopathy and Homeopathic Medicines

Non healing foot or leg ulcers, varicose ulcers, diabetic ulcers, decubitus ulcer, or chronic wounds are all treated and cured at Homeo Consult RD, purely with homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic Medicines & Treatment for Chronic Leg Ulcers: Our treatment has been Researched and Clinically verified for its effectiveness over the past 25 years by Dr. Anish Vaknalli and the homeopathic treatment prescribed includes internal homeopathic remedies that help healthy granulation and tissue regeneration by improving peripheral blood circulation as well as improving the innate immune response in cases of infective etiologies. External, homeopathic plant extracts which help in wound healing are also used for a speedier recovery.

Our Homeopathic treatment has helped countless leg and diabetic ulcer cases. Amputation has been prevented in many and especially helped patients with chronic, recurrent leg ulcers and wounds such as seen in patients with diabetes, varicose veins or stasis , trauma, venous or arterial thrombus, auto immune related and in the aged.

Another case of post-surgical wound in a diabetic patient cured at HomeoConsult RD Click here
Is this treatment safe? There is nothing safer than Homeopathy and our remedies (both internal and external) can be used safely for all age groups, without any side effects. Can Homeopathy and Allopathy work together? Absolutely! If you are already using conventional or allopathic wound healing and systemic medicines you can without any fear or side effects start our homeopathic treatment. Should I tell my Surgeon or Physician about this treatment? Absolutely! We often see patients hesitating in starting homeopathy soon as they fear their primary physician may not comply or may not have knowledge about this treatment. Educate your physician. Or simply start it along with your other treatments. How can I start your treatment for leg ulcers? Kindly contact us on or visit our website You may send us pics of the affected leg as well. If this is urgent do call +91 9820190203. Dr. Anish Vaknalli will be happy to assist you. Dr. Anish Vaknalli Homeopathic Consultant Website: Email: HomeoConsult R&D: Jain Chambers, 1st Floor, S.V Road, Bandra West, Next To Saga Department store, Opp. Lucky rest. Mumbai 50

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