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Dystonia treatment with NP-Therapy

NP Therapy [Neuro Pathways Therapy using Homeopathic and Bio-Neural supplements]

Dr. Anish Vaknalli, over the past 18 years has been treating neurologically impaired cases as well as children with Autism, ADHD and cognitive disorders using his unique therapy which works on stabilizing and rectifying impaired brain signals affecting the sensory-neural pathways.

Below is one such child who is currently being treated. She has been on the NP-Therapy for the past 3 months and has significantly improved. We are sure of her recovery as the treatment continues and will update a video after another 3 months of treatment.

NP Therapy involves the use of specific Homeopathic remedies and essential, biochemical and neural supplements researched by Dr. Anish Vaknalli at 3 clinical centres in India and on over 500 cases.

The advantage of this treatment is that the medicines have no side effects at all and the changes achieved are usually permanent and continue to persist even after stopping the medicines. 

Typical symptoms of Dystonia in a child include: In-coordination, lack of muscular control, imbalance, involuntary body movements, painful muscle spasms, delayed milestones such as walking and talking, abnormal posture due to twisting, involuntary pulling of neck, constant blinking and repetitive movements.

Causes: Dystonia is a result of abnormal signals arising from the Basal Ganglia in the brain and can be genetic, or a result of damage from trauma, tumor, infection drugs etc.

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Dr. Anish Vaknalli’s views on treating children with brain damage and dystonia 

Here at HomeoConsult RD, we witness remarkable reversals in children affected by developmental and neurological conditions for which seldom any help is available. Majority of the parents visiting us are unaware of the benefits Homeopathy can offer or have tried various other alternative treatments without any tangible therapeutic evidence. 

Dystonia, ataxia, cerebral palsy, delayed milestones, autism, PDD, brain damage due to birth hypoxia, traumatic brain damage, mental retardation (MR) and such neurological and developmental disorders are routinely treated here purely with Homeopathic medicines yielding satisfactory results. Our experience with researched, homeopathic, neuro-motor remedies over the past 2 decades has reinforced our passion for dealing with so called irreversible disorders.

NP Therapy [homeopathic and bio-neural supplements] combined with Physiotherapy, Occupational and ABA therapy, or in conjunction with conventional treatments yields best results. We also assure you that you or your child will like taking these palatable remedies which have no side effects whatsoever. 

We encourage you to seek this treatment as early as possible as we witness maximum benefits if started when the conditions is in its initial stages or when your child is young. Also, results vary and depend on the causative and pathological factors and similar reversals may not be possible in every case. Do feel free to email or call us and let us help you improve your quality of life and independence.

How can I opt for this treatment?

Besides our 3 clinical centres in Mumbai (India), we offer our services worldwide as well.

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famous neurologist in hyderabad said...

Thanks for sharing nice information

Unknown said...

Any curation for head injury caused distonia

Raju Dhadwe said...

Sir I am dystonia patient. Can't 100% care by your treatment

Unknown said...

Ser mere papa ko kareeb 2 saal se distoniya ki problam he kafi d.r ko dikhadiya h homeoyo pethi agra neminath me bhi dikhya he par shi nhi ho pa rahe or elopethi d.r butox lagane bolte h wo nhi lagaya he abhi kya wo bina butox ke shi ho sakte he

Unknown said...

Is there treatment of cerebral palsy baby

Naureen Afshan said...

Sir, my daughter 10 years old s suffering from Cerebral palsy. She cannot sit or walk till date. Can medication help her?

Naureen Afshan said...

Sir, my daughter 10 years old s suffering from Cerebral palsy. She cannot sit or walk till date. Can medication help her?