Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Hair Fall (General) and Alopecia Areata

Dr. Anish Vaknalli (MD, HomeoConsult R&D) is an internationally educated & acclaimed Homeopathic physician specializing in the treatment of chronic conditions in children and adults.  

His researched and proven treatment for skin and hair conditions is 100% natural and safe and used by thousands of patients worldwide.

General hair loss, premature balding, alopecia areata, hair thinning and dandruff are some of the condition which can be completely stopped or reversed with this therapy.

The treatment formulated here consists of an individualistic prescription of internal homeopathic medicines capable of stopping or reversing hair loss due to poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance, stress, auto immune conditions or genetic predisposition.

On starting treatment you can expect to:

  • See a considerable reduction in the loss of hair
  • See an increase in the density of your hair
  • Improve the quality of your scalp and cure scalp diseases
  • Dandruff, scalp dryness, excessive oiliness etc.  to improve

Note: Medicines cannot reverse conditions where complete loss of hair follicles occurs. . We therefore urge you to start this treatment soon before irreversible damage takes place.

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Consultant: Dr. Anish Vaknalli
Email: ask@homeoconsult.com

USA, Canada TollFree: 1-888-460-3575
OverSeas and India: 0091 - 9820190203

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Anish

Kindly arrange for Adi's medicines for Alopecia to be sent to the USA. I have a relative in India who can carry the medicines and will be getting in touch with you.

He is doing better than expected and his patch is barely noticeable. Thanks as I had given up hope especially after the injections he had to take a few months ago.