Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cancer Homeopathic treatment and medicines

Is Homeopathic treatment recommended for conditions like Hepatitis, Cancer, AIDS or conditions needing immediate surgical or aggressive medical intervention or hospitalization?

Conditions such as these can be successfully managed with homeopathic medicines and the homeopathic treatment we recommend is usually an addition to the conventional medicines already prescribed.

The only time we recommend conventional medicines to be stopped is when the severity of your condition is not a direct threat to your wellbeing or survival and/or if the patient is intolerant to the sever side effects sometimes caused by them. This is however done only after consulting the concerned doctor who specializes in their treatment. If we or the patient is unsure of stopping those medicines, homeopathic medicines are started simultaneously.

Homeopathic treatment for Life threatening conditions should have the following protocol:

Homeopathy should be used concomitantly with, not in place of, standard AIDS or cancer therapy or conditions which are life threatening or critical.

Homeopathy can be confidently used in relieving the side effects of chemo or radiation therapy. A large number of individuals are offered this kind of treatment at our centres,the outcome of which is very encouraging and positive.

By choice, numerous individuals opt for natural and alternative modes of treatment such as homeopathy instead of chemo or radiation therapy. Though we do offer such homeopathic treatments with the intention of preventing disease progression, there is no guarantee of the outcome. Do not blindly believe those who guarantee such cures and always make an educated decision.

Homeopathy can help your general well being and in turn improve your innate, immune response. Homeopathic medicines could help in slowing down disease progression, a faster recovery and/or maintain your health.

Homeopathic medicines can assist in improving your organ function, defence mechanism as well as altered laboratory values.

Homeopathic treatment is a safe, complementary and supportive therapy ideal for all age groups suffering from so called ‘incurable’ or ‘terminal’ conditions.

Actea Racemosa (Cimicifuga)
One of many homeopathic plants
used in cancer therapy

How can I opt for this treatment?

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