Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Piles treatment and Homeopathy, Mumbai India

Painless, non-surgical treatment option for piles or hemorrhoids with homeopathic medicines...

What our cured patients have to say...

Since this treatment my bleeding and pain (hemorrhoid) has stopped. I am feeling better in general and haven’t seen any such problem over the past 3-4 months. I have been asked to continue the treatment for a few months following which I can be assured of a complete recovery.

Mr. Prabhu (Case Ref # 0534)

I have had piles for over 10 years and have been operated for the same a couple of years ago. The problem however persisted and was suffering from severe pain which prevented me from sitting too long. I was reffered to Dr. Anish by my general physician who felt it was better I first try homeopathy rather than undergoing surgery again. Since I started this treatment I am more than 80 percent relieved of my agony and the bleeding which I experienced has completely stopped. I only wish I had tried this treatment earlier and am hopeful that I will completely recover very soon.
Mr. Sujoy

From our Doctors desk...

Most cases of piles can be cured non-surgically with the help of homeopathy. There is non need of surgery, especially when piles are of first and second degree, as our expereicne shows that the treatment we recommend  can successfully reduce the enorged veins which bulge in your rectum as well as stop the bleeding which occurs when they get lacerated.

Very often chronic constipation and hard stools leads to piles and without its cure piles will tend to recurr. Our treatment therefore also aims at offering a longterm solution to this, thereby guaranteeing a longterm solution to this problem.

Typically, the treatment offered at HRD involves the following:

  • Prescribing purely Homeopathic Medicines which have a specific action on:
  • Relieving engorgement of the rectal veins
  • Relieving associated constipation and ineffectual urge while straining
  • Heal lacerated veins and prevent bleeding and burning sensation
HRD patients typically experience the following benefits:
  • Normally, most cases of External and Internal (1st and 2nd degree) hemorrhoids are completely cured
  • 3rd and 4h degree Internal hemorrhoids can be relieved to a significant extent. However the treatment outcome is not as favorable as External and Internal (1st and 2nd degree) hemorrhoids
  • Chronic constipation or an ineffectual urge associated with hemorrhoids is also treated
  • Associated rectal bleeding is often abated and venous engorgement minimized
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For any further details or clarification do feel free to email us at ask@homeoconsult.com   

Dr. Anish Vaknalli (MD, HomeoConsult RD)
Email: ask@homeoconsult.com
USA, Canada Toll Free: 1-888-460-3575
Overseas and India: 0091 - 9820190203

Clinic Addresses in India (Mumbai)

Malad: Vaknallys Homeo Chemist Pvt. Ltd,
Somaiya Chambers, Ground Floor , S.V Road, Opp. Metro Shoes, Next to Malad Shopping Centre, Malad West, Mumbai 64
Mon / Sat: 10.30-1.30 pm, Wed: 5-8 pm
Appointments Call: 9820190203
Bandra: HomeoConsult RD (Radhanand Clinic)
Jain Chambers, 1st Floor, S.V Road, Bandra West, Next To Saga Department store, Opp. Lucky rest. Mumbai 50
Mon,Tue,Fri: 6-8 pm
Appointments Call: 9820190203
Dadar: NewEra Homeo Pharmacy,
Noor Bldg., Opp. Dadar west rlwy. Stn., Next to Suvidha, Tulsi Pipe Road, Dadar west, Mumbai 28
Thurs / Sat: 6-8 pm
Appointments Call: 9820190203


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