Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trigger Finger homeopathic treatment

A little known condition called trigger finger can be cured or its severity significantly ameliorated with the aid of homeopathic medicines.

In this condition the motion of the tendon which helps in opening (extension) and closing (flexion) the finger is restricted due to irritation and swelling of the tendon and the tissues through which the tendon passes.

Typically, individuals seen at our centres are those who are unaware of the scope of homeopathy and have ventured into the conventional line of treatment i.e. injecting local steroids at the site of the affected tendon. They often realize that the effect of the steroids tends to wear of in a few months and may need that procedure to be repeated.

Scope of homeopathy in curing trigger finger
Over the past 25 years there have been countless occasions where we have treated this condition successfully within a period of 4-6 months. In the initial couple of months marked improvement in the stiffness and pain can be achieved, followed by improvement in the extension or opening of the finger.

Patients generally like to know whether the condition can be permanently cured or only temporarily relieved. Most patients treated (more than 90%) who have had this condition for not more than 5 years were spared from relapsing to the original state successfully and could continue their daily activities without any marked hindrance.

The homeopathic medicines which are usually indicated in treating this condition are prepared from plant extracts and minerals and have no known side effects or contraindications.

We at HomeoConsult R&D strongly recommend anyone with this condition to first try homeopathy as the treatment outcome is very favorable.

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