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Warts homeopathic treatment, Mumbai India

Painless, Permanent and Safe, Wart Removal
Recommended for all types of wart (genital and common warts)

Online Warts treatment for patients worldwide...

The natural way to get rid of Common, Flat, Periungual, Subungual, Filiform, Anal and Genital warts...

  • Warts are caused by a virus and cannot be treated only with local applications
  • Repeated or multiple warts occur due to spread of the virus
  • Poor immune response usually results in multiple warts
  • Occasionally warts may disappear without treatment, however the virus may persist 
  • Warts tend to spread by contact and should be treated
As a result…

Local applications (salicylic acid), cryotherapy (freezing), cauterization (burning), electro-surgery (electric current) and laser therapy work only temporarily or superficially and do not guarantee any long-term solution.

Stop worrying…

HRD's Homeopathic treatment can help you get rid of the warts as well as corns and minimize or prevent recurrences. Medicines we prescribe are purely Homeopathic, natural, derived from plants, having no side effects whatsoever and ideal for all age groups.  Our specialized Homeopathic treatment has cured thousands of cases over the past 25 years with the benefit of preventing relapses. 

The medicines will boost your immune response, improving your body's ability to fight the virus. Your body will also recognize these growths as  foreign bodies expunging them from within, unlike the above mentioned therapies.

Benefits of HomeoConsult RD treatment:

Boosts your immune response and thus fight the virus
Expunges the wart from within without leaving any scars 
Does not cause any discoloration as commonly caused by acids
100% safe for children and adults as this treatment has no side effects
Only internal homeopathic medicines and local softening (homeopathic) creams used

Warts are categorized by their appearance and location. 

Common forms are mentioned below:
    Homeopathic treatment
Common warts (verruca vulgaris): Appear on the hands, arms, legs, and on the top of feet but can appear anywhere

Flat warts (verruca plana): Appear flat and usually appear on the face

Subungual warts: Appear under and around the fingernails. Though considered difficult to cure, our treatment has proven beneficial in most cases

Plantar or foot warts (verruca plantaris): occur on the soles of the feet, are often thick and callused, grow inward, and can be quite painful and bothersome

Ano-genital warts (condyloma acuminata): Fleshy warts which grow on the mucous membrane areas such as vagina, cervix, rectal area, glans (penis) and the urethra

Homeopathic medicines at Homeoconsult R&DGenital warts

Genital warts (or Condylomata acuminata, venereal warts, anal warts and anogenital warts) is a highly contagious sexually transmitted disease caused by some sub-types of human papillomavirus (HPV).

It is spread through direct skin-to-skin contact during oral, genital, or anal sex with an infected partner.

The case shown here was cured within 3 months of using our patented homeopathic treatment protocol which helps the immune system fight and get rid of the virus. 

An interesting case of Periungual and Subungual wart affecting the thumb with associated nail and healthy skin tissue damage

What are periungual and subungual warts?

Warts around the nails are known as periungual warts, while
those under the nails are subungual warts. Periungual warts
appear irregular and elevated while subungual warts are horny
and reach the nail roots causing damage of the nails, their
growth and eventual detachment. Just like common warts, these
are also caused by the Human Pappiloma Virus or HPV.

The photos shown here are of a patient who initially opted for Salycylic acid treatment. Besides being ineffective, the acid damaged the skin and nails. When first seen I was under the impression that the damage was permanent and the condition could not have been resolved without excision and removing the nail.

Since the condition had progressed beneath the nail and deep rooted, we used a combination of three homeopathic tinctures or extracts to be directly applied on the wart along with internal remedies to counteract the viral activity. The results shown above are after 4 months of treatment.

If you wish to get rid of warts using this treatment you can order our medicines here. We ship our medicines worldwide and have over 60000 satisfied patients worldwide.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent case. Never would have imagined homeopathy can cure such bad cases of warts. Thanks for showing us the same. Shankar Chawla (Student Homeopath, Bangalore)

Anonymous said...

Hello doctor, I am from Sweden. Kindly guide me for the treatment of warts on my hands. Have them for 3 years and need a permanent cure. Happy to see you can treat them successfully with homeopathy. Jordan

madhavi said...

hello...! doctor, i am from chhenai . kindly guide me for the treatment of warts on my husbands face. he had from last 5months and need perment cure for that. and is there any ayurvedic or homeopathy medicene for that so plz tell me he has taken flonida on his face but there is no result so plz guide me

Anonymous said...,i am from manipur ,pliz kindly guide me how to get rid of warts on my face having warts for more then 1 and half years is disaster ,kindly tell me how to overcome so called warts permenantely

Anonymous said...

Hello doctor, I do know that your treatment works wonders as we have been treated by you for warts before. I now have a minor problem of allergies as I am now in the UK. Kindly help me get started. Ram G (case M2218)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, Good Day! I had lesions filled with fluid on genitals and I had taken laser treatment. Dr. had said that it is Molluscum Contagiosum. After that mole like black spots started appearing. It pinches like anything and is itchy too. Is it Herpes, Genital wart or Molluscum Contagiosum?
Awaiting reply.

Anonymous said...

Hello Doctor! I had lesions filled with fluid on genitals. I had taken laser therapy. Dr. had said it's Molluscum Contagiosum. After that mole like black spots had started appearing. They pinch like anything and are itchy too. Is it Genital wart, Herpes or Molluscum Contagiosum. Right nostril also has started blocking. Kindly advise. Is there any treatment for this?

Anonymous said...

[A testimonial from our patient, inserted by HomeoConsult R&D]

Dr's I was diagnosed with multiple warts (over 50) on the face and beard area and have been taking your medicines for over 3 months now. In the past I have get them burnt or cauterized by two famous skin specialist in Mumbai, Bandra and eventually (within 1 month) they reappeared more aggressively and multiplied. It appeared like the virus had reappeared with a vengeance.

Thank to your treatment and Dr. Anish's confidence, I am now cured from my warts though I did in between lose my confidence in the treatment as I wanted to see the results immediately. It was wrong to do so and I strongly recommend anyone with warts to avoid the skin specialist and opt for this treatment.

It has made a world of a difference to me and my confidence and wish you the same.

Rgds, Daniel Pareira

Anonymous said...

hello doctor,iam from hyderabad in india.i have been suffering from genital warts for last 3 years...i had take several medicens like imiquad 5% cream,podowart paint,femciclovir tablets and acicovir tablets with the consult of doctor...but since i have that genital warts is becoming psychological problem to me..iam a student of 26 years old....please suggest me best treatment for cure this....kindly give me email id,

Unknown said...

hello Doctor,i am from Rajahmundry in andhrapradesh and have been suffering from warts on hands ,fingers for last 3 years, i had taken several medicines for warts and spent alot of money for curing but still i facing the same problem so pls suggest me the best treatment for curing this ..kindly give me replay my email id

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,
This is in regards to my t/t going on for viral warts on my face. I started with ur T/t & I have benefited from the t/t. Warts on my face are almost gone & my medicine in 1 , 2 ,3 & 4 are almost finished. However I still have some warts on inner side of ear canal. I have also taken medicine in E1 bottle weekly. Convey me how much to pay for medicines 1,2,3,4 you will b sending me again.
Thanking You again for your Right treatment .

Your's Truly, Milind, (M.S.)

helllloooooooo said...

hi sir,

under my armpits i am having so many warts and that area became more dark please suggest me the best method and i get ridoff those warts and all please suggest me the best way.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Anish Vaknalli,
I want to place it on record that the genital wart that was bothering me for over a year at the urethral opening fell of today. Thanks very much for the treatment and support. I do not see any visible wart on the urethral opening now. I am visiting a venereologist this week for a thorough examination. My hope and belief is that I do not have any more visible genital warts. Is there a chance that I may have a few warts inside my genitourinary system ?
Should I assume that there may be some in the inside which are not visible to me ? I currently have 2 and 3 ( few ) and E1 etc , should I continue with any course of treatment ??
Please reply Thanks ...

Unknown said...

Hello doctor I am very to read that there is a permanent for these warts..first I had these painless flat wart on my hand and later when they grew I removed it, however now it has come on my son's face and is spreading. .Please advice and tell us which medicine will give him a permanent cure

Ranjeet singh yadav said...

my wife and my both child are suffering verruca plana please give me better treatment . my contract number 0918896504565

Unknown said...

Can u tell me the address of your clinic in Delhi NCR

Unknown said...

Hlo doctor,
I have many warts on my face for 1 years pliz guide me for permanent treatment

Unknown said...

Hlo sir,
I have many warts on my face for 1 years pliz guide me for permanent treatment

Unknown said...

Hlo sir,
I have many warts on my face for 1 years pliz guide me for permanent treatment

Anonymous said...

Hi Doctor,
I have warts on eyeside of my face since last one year & is spreading. These warts are also seen on my neck nowadays, I am using Oatkin cream after consulting skin specialist.
please advice how to get rid of them

kiran choudary said...

Dear sir,

My self parvathaneni kiran suffering from warts near neck from 5months don't know where to go and contact whom suggest me any medicines fo curing these,

Anonymous said...

Dr my ref no is B976. My warts have been cured thanks to you. I need to know how long I should continue the treatment. If you remember the wart is on my toe and sole and caused pain. I am perfect now.

Anonymous said...

From mumbai. need your address sir. Please call or email me on said...

Hi Dr....I am from Mumbai. Have a wart on my face since 2 months now. Is there a tele no I can contact for a meeting and treatment please? Thanks. Shilendra/9819818721

nikitha said...

Hiii sir...
I'm nikitha I have warts whole my body..plzz suggest me..

Amit said...


Unknown said...

Hello sir. My daughter who is 3 n half year old has wart on her scalp (in hair)it is spreaded in half inch area and the color of it red look like red small pimples.. I went to the skin specialist and she said to remove it with machine becouse it will spread contact with hand but I don't want to use this method.I am worried about her. Please help me. My mobile no. 9897371470 and email

Unknown said...

Sir I have meltiple warts on my neck and face so please tell what I do

Unknown said...

Hello doct i have suffring my warts one month my warts on my penis and near by area and he grow slowly now son many warts are there on side off penis near by area so i go skin specialist doct and they treat me for some cream acid 1% and another cream for fill the jakham after using that 1% cream and he also say for destroy for leser treatment so u help me how can i remove this warts easly and fast any tablet or homeopathic oil liquid any cream to remove whitout laser treatment please
Reply me sir

Unknown said...

Hello doct i have suffring my warts one month my warts on my penis and near by area and he grow slowly now son many warts are there on side off penis near by area so i go skin specialist doct and they treat me for some cream acid 1% and another cream for fill the jakham after using that 1% cream and he also say for destroy for leser treatment so u help me how can i remove this warts easly and fast any tablet or homeopathic oil liquid any cream to remove whitout laser treatment please
Reply me sir

Unknown said...

Sir iam from Mysore I have warts in my hand and finger pls inform me to where in Mysore pin less treatment plz my number 7975777433

Unknown said...

Helo sir

Unknown said...

Hello doctor I have wart on my neck and below arms and also at back below neck since 3years, how to treat suggest at

Unknown said...

Hello doctor, I had wart under my nose. .which was removed by treatment by skin specialist, but now again after 6 months... I got warts on my nose. Tip... Kindly suggest me treatment

@theBrowniepoint said...

Hello doctor I have wart wart on my finger tip since 2 year. Previously I don't know about that recently I came to know about the disease.I am very much worried about that please suggest me on this matter

Unknown said...

I have a perianal warts.It has been removed with podowarts.Again now starting itching and developing,so how can I get rid of it.please guide me

Sujata said...

Sir I m 34 yrs old I have plane warts in eyebrows and on fire head. Once I take quaterization. But they return after few day. Please suggest me what can I do ,,?

Unknown said...

Hi sir I'm suffering ganatical warts plz tell me tratement

Unknown said...

Meri 8month ki beti ko genital warts ho gye h Uska treatment karana h

Unknown said...

Hello sir

I am having wart in genital area from last 2months. Although I am getting treatment for it but still it reoccurs again and again within 15days period.
Please advice me a permanent treatment.

I am also vaccinated for HPV.

Unknown said...

Sir muje genital warts hua h aap bataye muje kya karna chaiye

Unknown said...

I am suffering from genital warts, pls help

Saleem said...

Hi sir warts se my bahut pareshan Hun sir halp me

Saleem said...

Warts problem sir halp me