Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lichen Planus homeopathic treatment, homeopathy medicine

Lichen planus homeopathy cure treatment

The Lichenoid skin reaction seen here was an allergic reaction to medication the individual had recently taken. Though Lichen planus is known to be a chronic condition with frequent relapses, cases treated here homeopathically, suggest that most individuals experience a prolonged duration of relief and drug-free life. Most patients were prescribed seroids prior to starting our treatment, which were eventually withdrawn as the effects of homeopathic medicines set in.

If you suffer from any from of Lichen Planus (Oral, Genital, Drug induced etc) strongly consider our specialized Homeopathic treatment. Initially on starting this treatment you will realize that the lesion stop from progressing, followed by reduction in the size and thickness of the eruptions and eventually will help in lightening of the spots. Remissions can be controlled successfully too. Also, it does not matter for how long you've had these lesions nor does ii matter if you are dependant on steroids. Once you start this treatment and the medicines take their effect, your need for those medicines will gradually lessen.

Do take advantage of this therapy and abstain from any from of treatment which only suppresses this condition. Homeopathy should be your first choice for its treatment and prevention.

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Anonymous said...

Name : Tommy
New Patient : No
Country : United States
Message : I have finished the second series of vials 1 2 3 now all i have left is the E1 E2 E3 E4 E5. I am doing great and the lesions are gone and i have been in remission for months now. I do all sorts of eating healthy and drinking healthy i don't smoke or drink alcohol, so i am doing well. So what do i do next with the E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 vials. Hope to hear from you soon :)